Saturday, 4 May 2013

Change: How far can we resist!

The world is driving itself toward maximum disorder due to human yearning for continuity. Lands which used to be forest has become desert. Rivers are changing their course with each flood. Ice caps are melting to lands. India was once a place with plentiful rain but now people are facing drinking water problem in certain part. If we see our own body then as year passes skin cracks; eyesight weaken; bones turn brittle; hearing diminishes. On lighter note girls whom boys thought as their heart throb during mid-twenties usually bring heart attack when they happen to see in mid-forties and vice-verse. Any guesses what all the above statements indicate? No brain-teaser here, it indicates that in the universe as in life change is the only constant.
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Everyone knows that change is something which one can never resist or hold for long. Sooner we understand and implement in life less is the pain during parting. But yet it is human nature to strive for endurance till last breath. We pray to eternal God to keep us in best of times but what happens in reality is that nature reminds us time to time that nothing lasts. And we feel immense disturbed by the moving transient nature. But Still God has not left us alone to deal with this situation he has given wonderful power to human i.e. to forget incident as days passes.

To help you get overcome the resistance of change in your life, I would like to share a simple theory which I learned during my MBA sessions. This theory is called change model and it was developed by Bechard and Harris in 1987. The theory is pure use of common sense and it is not a rocket science as well. So you can also have a look irrespective of background you belong to. I believe this hold true in 21st century and many more years to come.

His theory is in terms of formula:-
                                       D x V x F > R
I.e.                   Dissatisfaction x Vision x First Step > Resistance to Change

It is important to note that the three components must be present to overcome the resistance of change and to get the change of your possible choices. Dissatisfaction with current situation; a vision of what is possible in future; and achievable first step toward reaching this vision.  The resistance to change will dominate if any one of the parameter is zero or near to zero.

What I mean to say is we should be welcoming toward change but yes we should not always be over responding for change as their lies a feeling and memories which is made beautiful if you welcome change systematically. There is also immense joy to experience when we cling to the old wallet long after it has fallen apart. We visit and revisit the old neighbourhood and native where we grew up, searching for the remembered mango gardens and the little fence. We browse our old photographs and sometime become nostalgia.

"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change." - Charles Darwin

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Satender Kumar Mall
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