Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Kashmir -1

1950s :  Vernag In Kashmir Where Lord Shiva Struck The Ground With His Trident  - Resulting In Source of River Vitasta ( Now Known as Jhelum) 


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Friday, 8 January 2021

Kubernets - Basics System Terminology

Kubernetes: The whole orchestration system. It also referred as short form as Kube.

Kubectl: It is Kube/Cube control. CLI to configure kubernetes and manage apps.

Node: Single server in Kubernetes cluster.

Kubelet: Kubernetes agent running on nodes.

Control Plane: Set of Container that manages the cluster.

  • Includes API server, Scheduler, controller manager, etcd and many more
  • sometime referred as Master    

Basics System terminology - How its fits in real time.

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Satender Kumar Mall
Twitter: @satenderiiit

Tuesday, 5 January 2021


What is Kubernetes?

Released by Google in 2015 , now maintained by large community.

Kubernetes is popular container orchestration.

Container orchestration - make many server acts like one.

It run on top of docker (usually) as a set of APIs in containers.

It provides API/CLI to manage containers across servers.

Many clouds provide it for you.

Why Kubernetes?

Orchestration - Next logical step in journey to faster DevOps.

Not Every solution requires orchestration.

How to determine - if you need to use kubernetes at first place?

Servers + Change Rate = Benefits of Orchestration

For more refer: https://kubernetes.io/partners/#conformance

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Satender Kumar Mall
Twitter: @satenderiiit