Friday, 18 March 2016

Habits worth considering!!

Habits are essential part of life! I am not sure of any technic to learn habits but what is certain is that “one's life changes, when his habits change.”

Let’s have a look at tiny habits that have potential to contribute to power of changing lives:-

Cultivate a 15 minutes writing habits:-
I know you be wondering what to write, I can remember well! That’s great but still get in this habit by writing, everything can be a starting point: air, water, food, shelter, body or its parts...May be start writing 5 things you are grateful for on daily basis. May be things you are grateful to your wife? If you can come up with 100, that's fine, but 1 is enough. If you can elaborate why you are grateful for that, that's fine, but focus on writing this one thing first. It should be a new thing every day

Try and do ONE of these two activities as fast and hard as you can for 60 seconds:
Sprint   :    A lung busting sprint I'm talking about for 60 seconds
Pushups  :   As many as you can.
If you do this PROPERLY well done. You should be in immense pain by the 60 seconds end.
Do you realise you've just experienced MORE pain in JUST 60 seconds than 95% of the people in your life you will ever meet?

Additional benefits of above activity are:-
High-intensity-training is the most effective fat burning, immune boosting.
Releases Dopa-mine into the brain - the bodies 'feel good chemical'
You will likely find you want to exercise longer - so you'll get healthier still
It'll increase your tolerance for pain - helps with sports, tattoos, exercise, and all else physical [Oops!! possibly Indian journalist can avoid this one]

Breathe correctly:
 Many people do not understand the impact breathing has on physiological and psychological well-being. Think about how shallow your breath becomes when you are stressed.
Most of us breathe into the upper chest, which is not the best way to breathe because it signals the body that we are under stress even when we are not. In turn, shallow breathing activates the sympathetic nervous system (the fight or flight response).
Instead, practice relaxed diaphragmatic breathing, which is a slow and calm movement of your diaphragm, not your upper chest. Diaphragmatic breathing stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which causes the brain to release endorphins which in turn reduces muscle tension and feelings of anxiety.
Deep breathing also oxygenates our blood which keeps our cells in an aerobic state, which then aids in fat loss and increases our energy.

Read books at least 30 minutes a day:-
Books not online contents please. The more you read, the better you write. Reading, especially in long form, can help you to develop your intellectual and deep understanding in a much better way than scanning a 5 minutes 'X way to do Y' kind of news.

Being strategically selfish sometimes.
By that I mean saying "No" to unreasonable requests, and prioritizing your own self-growth and personal development.
As you take care of yourself, your capacity to be a good person and take care of others as well will increase. I am personally confused where I fit to this point really.

Take 10,000 steps daily
"Sitting more than six hours a day greatly increases your risk of an early death. No matter how much you exercise, eat well, avoid smoking, or add other healthy habits, excessive sitting will cause problems."

Some lazy bone around say horse run and it dies in 17-20 years but tortoise leaves for 300 years, I hope you know now why for tortoise at least?


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