Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Krishna – We need you more than ever before !!

Today 28-08-2013 is Krishna Janamastmi. It is a Hindu festival celebrated to remember birth of Lord Krishna. Krishna is symbol of youth, energy, knowledge, peace, and dharma. Krishna is known figure all over the world via ISCON Temples. This was possible due to great contribution of a social reformer named Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.
Life & Times of Sri Krishna
I am sure all of you will agree that need of Krishna has arisen once again now which is more than ever before due to the current man-made problems. India and we Indians aspire to become superpower nation of 21st century. We also saw blinks of this dream realization in first few years in the start of century. Now a decade later where we find India?

M. R. Venkatesh who recently published a book named DECADE of DECAY where he has clearly put up everything which disturbs our mind when we think of where our motherland India is heading.

Being Indian and also have well aligned political thought I am in pain so as you, why we are helpless although:-

1.     We are the most youthful nation.

2.     We have strong & well proven cultural backbone which has survived all odds.

3.     We are nation of unity in diversity.

4.     We have domestic driven economy and agriculture.

5.     We can stand – re stand after all wither or calamity enforced on us.

Have we ever thought why? Why? Why?
Here are few thoughts straight from my mind & heart which has developed after going through various literature, listening, observing etc.:-

What we have become:-

We have become individualistic, self-centric and worse mute spectator. We now never react until something hurt us individually.

How we have become as above:-

We get swayed by day & night agenda by some of our paid media houses, personal benefiting corporates and individual not so famous people. Just think carefully you will see your life has been controlled by well-planned agenda to keep you busy in solving basic needs to divert your attention from each and every issue concerning nation [for e.g. when Govt. coal scam surfaced, Govt. rises petrol price etc.].  I am sure you too have something better to suggest here.

We are leaving life as majority vs minority in India rather than being Indians. Are we staying in such situation by choice? We are stuck in times [for e.g.: we are stuck in 2002, but never have time to question recent unrest in Assam riots, 20 riots in UP where large number of minority killed, 1984’s etc.]. Have we asked ourselves why 2002 [even if Supreme Court has delivered verdicts in most of the cases, which is highest in any riots till date] and no other? The answer lies in the first line of this block. Hence we are engaged in enjoying the failure and bloodbath of our motherland.

What can we do about it:-

Krishna is in each one of us, we as youth aspire to scale heights and have immense energy to minimize distance, save our soldiers from being beheaded in daylight. Stop enemy nation inching in our boundaries. Money stacks in Swiss. Challenge status quo of dynasty burden in Delhi & states and many more.
We cannot become Bhagat Singh who had privilege to die for India but we surely can contribute for better India which was gift to us by our ancestor for our next generation.

Show the current regime whom we elected with so much hope so that coming change regime only work for INDIA FIRST – NEVER SELF.

"Even as a tortoise draws in its limbs, the wise can draw in their senses at will." 
                                                                                      Bhagavad Gita on choice  

Whatever you do, do it as a dedication to God. This will bring you the tremendous experience of joy and life-freedom forever.  
                                                                                        Bhagavad Gita on Action

Will you?

Thank You!
Satender Kumar Mall
Twitter: satenderiiit

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Social Media: Challenging Status quo of Indian Media - How & Why

Social media and social network sites has emerged and matured to an extent that those have become necessity and important part of our life. As per reports “The average time spent by Indian netizens was 29.6 minutes on weekdays as compared to 28.8 minutes on weekend days The country which tops the list of engaging highest number of hours on networking on social media is Israel with 11.1 hours/month.

The rise in India’s fourth pillar of democracy was immense necessary in times on 90’s and early 21st century. This was a huge step toward transparent India. Those days were of licence raaj and hiding information or keeping it secret was at peak. Mainstream Media (MSM) did excellent job in checking the status quo in Indian politics, bureaucracy or it will not be incorrect to say that pure journalism was at peak and India benefitted from the same. 

Social media do exists in those days as well but the impact and honest contribution of MSM did not lead to its spread and it was mere a tool which facilitates two stranger to interact.

But what lead Social media especially in India to challenge status quo of MSM as well as in mobilizing truth and report incident better n faster than MSM?

If you analyse it closely then you will discover that it is not an overnight transformation. It gradually builds up in last 7-8 years.
Few key points which are leading to downfall of MSM or Critical success factor for social media are as follows:-

1.   Shift of MSM from news reporting toward bogus opinion pouring exercise or performing role of judges from news anchor in prime time.

2.   Shift of MSM from being neutral institute of new reporting toward loyalty of ruling party. Is it too difficult to be neutral & Honest?

3. Intolerance attitude of key Editors of Indian MSM in social media especially towards the people with diverse view to what they suggest/put-up. Such as blocking them etc.

4. 24x7 telecasting agenda of ruling party though most of time it does not hold substance. Hereby providing opportunity to Social media to expose MSM crystal clear. Thus leading to more people engaging in social media.

5. NEWS TRADING; MSM media trades with party to telecast/not telecast news against them thus leading to money exchange etc. Such as Zeenews in Jindal case; MSM as whole in Congress MP sex CD expose, Selective expose of corruption case. Targeting opposition leader on behalf of ruling party. Barkha- RADIA case etc.

6.  Regular embarrassing & shallow reporting and interviews by established journalist of MSM eg: Nidhi Rajdan and British MP Barry Gardiner interview on inviting Narendra Modi to UK house of common. Nidhi was actually wanting to control the view and wanting him to speak what she has in mind for the question put-up.

7.  MSM putting self-interest above nation interest. Point 6 interview where MP reminded the journalist what she should have known as Indian. Idea of India is missing while talking to foreign national.

8. Unbalance reporting on states ruled by party other than whom MSM is loyal too. Hence Social media come in picture as mirror. 

9.  MSM media continually failing to listen and represent the voice of Indian people from time to time against corruption, scam etc. and undermining their strength. This has led to speed up social media growth for good.

10.  List will go on and on…

So audience of MSM which includes me as well has been left on mercy of their own judgement (though we pay for MSM) to distinguish between news and noise telecast in prime time. Hence Social Media has provided platform to all kind of Indians (educated, alert, non-educated, youth, new comers etc.) to listen, learn and share the idea about daily happening and their idea of India.

Few more reference how social Media has successfully surpassed Indian Mainstream Media (MSM):-

Thank You!
Satender Kumar Mall
Twitter: satenderiiit