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New Guest n Doctors Greed!

In this blog I thought of sharing the much whispered fact as well as fear which concerns almost every Indian for that matter at least common citizen like me who do not have doctor in family or a trusted family doctor. 
People choose profession either by chance or by choice to earn bread and butter for life. The architects of human being society to uphold and prevail honesty, kindness and well being of people they categorized carefully chosen profession as Nobel. Among many few, DOCTOR as a profession is also termed as Nobel profession. The person who is called doctor has more responsibility apart from earning day to day bread and butter. This is only because after God, Doctor are people whom a person surrender their body to analyze and cure it for any kind of treatment in need. Doctors and all of us can well feel the place this profession hold to mankind. This profession demands people who are full of life to be part off. As we cannot at any point afford to categories this in good and bad. The margin of error in this profession is expected to be near to null.

Well above was the expectation from the human beings by the section of human beings whoever joins this lovely profession. But what have few countable people and medical organizations in this field have done? For some lump of money greed they have clearly compromised and ignored the basics & beauty of this Nobel profession. Now we are forced to categorized people of this profession as good doctor and bad doctor. This is the biggest ever shame this profession has got which the youngster joining this profession has to minimize.
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Let’s look on some figures and research to justify above stated statement.

According to World Health Organization recommendation the caesarean section rate should not be higher than 10% to 15% of total delivery performed. So does any private medical organizations especially in India achieve this? I am not a doctor and I do not know the complexity of this profession but as an eager citizen, if a medical firms/hospitals who claims to have qualified doctors produces figure above 50% way too high than WHO standards then how should I convince myself of any reason other than hospitals greed from money? Read for some example of just one city of India i.e. Bangalore.

Doctors expose: High drug prices not for R&D cost, but profiteering

If C-section delivery is required than it should be given but patient in care should be given true picture not the scary and false information to push them for C-section but unfortunately latter is more prevalent. This clearly shows that sense of true service which this profession demands is clearly missing due to corporatization of medical profession. I am sure even a doctor reading this bog will share the same pain.

Another and the most ugly byproduct of this profession by few bad doctors getting into this Nobel profession by chance is about female infanticide. Now they give reason that customer approaches them with this bad intention so they happen to fall in trap. Dear, the customer demanding this kind of inhuman service is demon. But who is forcing you to be demon? Isn’t it just pure greed of money? Has money earned by foul means have ever helped in long term? I am not sorry for using harsh word here because it is a matter of life and death. If the life sustaining group became the creator of death bed than even demon/daemon is still not harsh. 

This female infanticide is still prevalent in India though it is crime as per Indian Penal code. You will be surprise to know that educated people are more involved compare to uneducated lots. Now Blame has to go to bad doctors prior to government or citizen as bad doctors are the one who are encouraging to break laws and in their complete senses they are involved in execution or cold murder of the baby infant.

Now I am a software engineer by chance and have just spent short span of 6 years in this profession, I have seen injustice being done to capable people in our industry in terms of promotion/hike/favoritism etc. But this is no way gives any justification to get De-motivated and encouraged us to degrade my dedication toward work or bring shame to IT industry. We can deal with such mal-practices at some level. This is just a smallest possible example, I am sure there are many people in IT as well as doctors with same great zeal. So Bad doctor you are compare to God than why this degradation? Why many common citizen are afraid to go to you but still they have to as there is no choice?
Source: Internet
 Let’s we as human being not only Doctor community alone should start the cleaning process and show tough resistance towards hand full of bad doctors who are destroying the beauty of medical profession. We as co-operate citizen need to care for health and our loved once and strictly get rid of mind set of evaluating everything thing on basis on cost and forgetting pain because of having medical insurance. Good doctors needs to help us and government by reporting to nearest police station about the identity of customer with request of female infanticide service. This of course is time taking process and needs government active participation but at least we can make start at our level without fail.


Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all. - Aristotle

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