Friday, 17 May 2013

Imperfection: Something good to have

Imperfection is something which everyone wants to get rid of or improve it to match modernity. Each one of us wants to achieve perfection with clear fact that no one is perfect. We can work on process expertise to achieve perfection in doing things but how one can achieve perfection in natural qualities such as leadership etc. Does anyone know of any leadership model? That can guarantee perfect leaders if one happen to follow it religiously. Perfection is situational. It is not perennial. Leadership is a state of mind, that of an explorer for whom the unknown is a lot more exciting than the known. One who is simply not obsessed about getting to the top? One may be perfect in one situation and reverse in another. But one who keeps consistency in all situations can be termed as leader. But still leader is not perfect. So friends have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it. For that matter no one has ever reached.

Let’s not debate on one liner which we happened to read in our school days that ‘Practise makes man perfect’. No it just reduces the imperfection. Perfection takes you to loneliness and contributes to individualistic attitude. Imperfection is not something bad it has its own goodness. A best team is built always by imperfect people. It helps other people to relate with you for having common flaws. Overlooking shortcomings spread love in your family by showing them that they are more important to you than things or perfection. When all of your energy is no longer concentrated on worrying about what you SHOULD be doing and how you SHOULD be doing it, you free yourself up to focus on what really matters. Imperfection inspires you to experience bad and tough situations. Unlike always looking for perfection make you look pretty boring. Making mistake also teaches your children to make mistake so that one day they get habit of trying rather than staying away due to fear of doing things perfect at one go. Being generous and kind are quality of imperfect human being isn’t better then attaining perfection. We are perfectly imperfect.

Thank You!
Satender Kumar Mall
Twitter: satenderiiit

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