Monday, 23 December 2013

Human Greatest Power as well as biggest Drawback: Is to forget !

“TO FORGET” is one of those spices of life which can be both boon and curse for human being. At a time it makes human life easier and forward looking but there are also incident where it makes life miserable. To forget is quite common phenomenon in current life style. To sustain not to forget habit has given market space to huge number of products which enables human being to remember things on time.

I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. (Maya Angelou - an American author and poet)

 Let’s discuss some common incident of day to day life which contributes to drawback factor.

1.    Traveling abroad but reached airport by giving miss to a passport/travel documents back at home. Same with train tickets.

2.    Forgot to attend meetings due to interesting long conversation in cafeteria.

3.    Homework done but forgot to carry notebook at school.

4.    Prepared for wrong subject on following day exams.

5.   Missed to wish birthday or anniversary of closed ones of correct day, though it touched our memory a day before.

6.    Reached home from friend’s house in late night but missed house keys at friend’s house.

7.   Bought every other item from Supermarket/shop which are in sale but forgot to buy items for which was the purpose of visit to supermarket.

8.  Many more…………….

Many other similar incidents in our day to life bring anxiety but there are ways to tackle most of them although not all for sure. But none of them is life threatening; it results in monetary/time loss. One cannot ignore that such incidents has also brought life changing experience in life. I am sure you can remember many and must be smiling by thinking so and so happen as so and so was forgot.  

I am more interested to highlight the boon aspect of forgetting. To forget is also godsend. Yes? No? Let me try and give some common routine happening which is not under human control but To Forget power of Human nature has helped to heal and to move ahead as well.

When someone loved one or family members passed away in any unfortunate event is shocking. Death is ultimate truth; still it shocks and surprises all human. It leaves one in utter confusion. People console each other by sharing thoughts of similar kind and emphasis on idea of death which is common sorrow for everyone. Death is uniform. It never distinguishes between rich & poor , Happy & sad etc. It is the forget power of human which gives them alternate mean to sustain and advance. The loss can never be filled but slowly fading of related memory helps the survivor to find happiness in whoever is around them. My father passed away on 2nd December 2013. I experienced all the above mentioned. I am too trying to use forget power to move ahead and take care of who are around me but ITS VERY- VERY DIFFICULT MAN!!

Last year i.e. 2012, I watched complete Mahabharata (Indian epic) in 45 days and remember one episode where Yaksha asked several questions to Yudhishthira. Among them three questions were very interesting which I would like to share:-

Yaksha asked: - What is heavier than earth, higher than heavens, faster than the wind and more numerous than straws?

Yudhishthira answered: One's mother is heavier than the earth; one's father is higher than the heavens; the mind is faster than wind and our worries are more numerous than straws.

Yaksha asked: - Who is truly happy?

Yudhishthira answered: He who has no debts is truly happy.

Yaksha asked: - What is the greatest wonder?          

Yudhishthira answered: Day after day countless people die. Yet the living wishes to live forever. O Lord, what can be a greater wonder?
Thank You!

Satender Kumar Mall

Twitter: satenderiiit

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Good Graduates (GG) or Backbenchers (BB)

Education is the key to fall in anyone of the category of good graduates or backbenchers. There are rare lucky lots who were backbencher as well as good graduate. Surely I missed out to be one in those rare lots. Let me give me bit of back ground so that as we progress we all be on same thread of fun.

Good graduated: - Someone who religiously followed the education system; pore as demanded by institutions but was hardly able to follow their interest.

Backbenchers: - Someone who took every other thing seriously apart what taken by good graduates.

Rare lots: Mix of both good graduate and backbencher. You can consider Aamir Khan Role in 3 Idiots movie for visualization (Indian actor in Bollywood film)

Both broad categories have its fun and sorrow. Good graduates are worshiped when exams around the corner, girls surrounds them to canvass for notes, course length, also going to canteen as well for a change. Now backbenchers who made fun of GG throughout the year have to rely on honesty from their girls groups to provide them material to sail through this chilly season of exams. To peek in another prospective this exam season also plays a payback season for girls towards BB who had religiously entertained them throughout. Oh my God seems everyone is appearing in exam!

One thing is common among all groups is that each one of us misses their role throughout the life. So question is which group is more Complacent? Both had discrete approach toward common goal of life i.e. to be successful, to lead descent life, to help making things /system better, to bring about change.

From value contribution prospective we can find people from both groups. Famous GG like Alexander Hamilton (The founder of USA financial system); Satyendra Nath Bose (Known for his work on quantum mechanics in the early 1920s); Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar (reconstructed the Bengali alphabet and reformed Bengali typography into an alphabet of twelve vowels and forty consonants); Sir Issac Newton (English physicist and mathematician); Sardar Patel (one of the founding fathers of the Republic of India), many more…

BB also has people whose contribution has brought difference to the way worlds is perceived such as RabindranathTagore (Who reshaped literature and music); Steve Jobs (American entrepreneur); Sachin Tendulkar (greatest batsman of modern generation Cricket); Lakshmi Niwas Mittal (London-based Indian steel magnate.), many more…

Overall what we infer is that being GG or BB is individual choice of taking things in certain prospective until we have common goal of leading healthy life. That’s why we are human and not perfect. Some takes less time to grasp/master logic compare to others.

One need to keep in mind is that your goal should not get lost or faded by perceiving to be 100% compliance to the education system. You should not be left clueless at end of your graduation and feel repented that you have no interests due to taking each subject as work and you just excelled at every subject just for purpose of excelling not learning. Else you will be left SCARED to the times ahead.

Satender Kumar Mall
Twitter: satenderiiit