Tuesday, 29 December 2020

Life Quotes - In HINDI


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Satender Kumar Mall
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Follow your Passion!


If someone tells you to follow your passion,

it means they're already rich.

It's your job to find something suitable,

you are good and capable of.

Work hard, Make yourself expert on the job you opted for.

Follow your passion over weekend for trial.

Once your are good at your passion, SWITCH!!

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Satender Kumar Mall
Twitter: @satenderiiit

Monday, 7 December 2020

Unit testing

 Testing a piece of code in isolation. 

Confidence that your code does what you think it does.

Well tested code help you:-

    • find bugs earlier
    • Iterate faster
    • debug more easily
    • design better code

Where to start:-
    • Pick a single, specific functionality to verify.
    • Use available tools to get everything out of the way
    • In an exiting codebase, do not try to write all the test at once
    • write test as early as they can be valuable.

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Satender Kumar Mall
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Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Eternal Somnath


Somnath is usually mentioned first among the twelve Jyotir Lingas of Shiva Mahadev.

They RAZED 17 Times.

We RAISED 18 Times !!

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Satender Kumar Mall
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Thursday, 26 November 2020

Mocks Vs Stub


Test Doubles --> Mocks (mock, spy)     Stub (stub, dummy, fake)


  • Waits to be called by the class under Test.

  • Mock object are used for behaviour verification.

  • Mock can fail the test.

  • It can provide data and logic needed by the class.

source: internet


  • Gives out data that goes under class/object under test.

  • Stub object are used for state verification.

  • Stub cannot fail the test, it returns stub value.

  • Data is directly injected into the class.

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Satender Kumar Mall
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Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Legend Diego Maradona

 The legends never dies they live forever in our memories....Om Shanti

Folded hands
Diego Maradona

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Satender Kumar Mall
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Friday, 30 October 2020

Sapta Rishis

Names of the current Sapta rishis Seven Holy Sages





 Gautama Maharishi 

Jamadagni, & Bharadvaja.

Saptarishis lineage exist on Earth as Gotras lineage.

The Saptarishis keep changing for every Manvantara. As per Hindu Shastras, there are four yugas - Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dvapara Yuga & Kali Yuga.

Saptarishis were assigned to be present through Four Great Ages, to guide human race. These seven sages worked closely with the Adi Yogi Shiva to maintain balance on Earth. These 7 Rishis were the mind born sons of Lord Brahma assigned to serve as representative of Brahma.

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Satender Kumar Mall
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Sunday, 19 July 2020

Corporate Criminal Offence

What is the Corporate Criminal Offence?

If any individual or company found in facilitating in any or all of the below three, then it is termed offence is committed as part of CCO.

In defence of the offence - company has to show that they have proper process and procedure in place to stop Tax evasion, tax avoidance and Tax planning. If the offence has committed , it is purely coincidental in nature.

1. source:internet

Tax evasion occurs when a tax liability is understated deliberately, fraudulently and dishonestly. This will typically involve the concealment of income or assets from tax authorities. 

2. source:internet

Tax avoidance involves using the rules of the tax system to gain a tax advantage that Parliament never intended. Tax avoidance is not illegal but it can be challenge by concern govt authority. 

3. source:internet

Tax planning involves using the rules of the tax system to gain a tax advantage that was intended by Parliament when the rules were introduced.

Note: This post inspired by various training and online reading material.

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Satender Kumar Mall
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Friday, 10 July 2020

Great things -1

Skeptic: "We`ve never built great things"

We: "You have never visited our temples"

The Ayirakkal or Thousand Pillar Hall built in the 16th century by the Ariyanatha Mudaliar of the Nayak dynasty.

Rich heritage of ours - Lady applying mascara to the eyes

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Satender Kumar Mall
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Monday, 1 June 2020

Vanished in Just 100 Years

Maha Shivratri Celebration in Karachi 1920.

Everything Vanished in Just 100 Years !!

Note: Picture taken from Twitter post

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Satender Kumar Mall
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Sunday, 31 May 2020

Jain Temple, Jaisalmer Fort, Rajasthan

Jain Mandir, Jaisalmer Fort, Rajasthan.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Nearly 900 years old! Unbelievable carvings all on Stone! Just brilliant, Spectacular, Intricate, extremely detailed.

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Satender Kumar Mall
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Thursday, 7 May 2020

Buddha Purinima

Buddha is ultimate limit of sacrifice and devotion

बुद्धं शरणं गच्छामि। धर्मं शरणं गच्छामि। संघं शरणं गच्छामि। बुद्ध पूर्णिमा की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं।

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Satender Kumar Mall
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Sunday, 19 April 2020

Off-Facebook Activity. - Attention

All having FB accounts, please read this carefully: 

I have just now done the cleaning and clicked off the future activities monitoring

CAREFUL:- Facebook have a record of every website and App that We have visited on our phone,

 Super intrusive and sneaky
 I’ve turned it off now .

Are you aware of a new feature that Facebook added around the February 1st week update?
Many of you probably don’t know that over the past 8 weeks Facebook has been monitoring and tracking what you do when your offline and not on Facebook.
I suggest you to look now as you won’t believe what they see.

**Go to Facebook settings, 
scroll down to Your Facebook Information. 
Click on Off-Facebook Activity** You can see the list in Manage Your Off-Facebook Activity.
To shut it down...
 in the same setting, click on More Options. 
Go into Manage Future Activity and turn it off. 

You may want to clear the history as well.

Note: sharing as seen on Facebook in friend circle.

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Satender Kumar Mall
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Saturday, 18 April 2020

YouTube Channel

Recently started being little active on YouTube.

If you happen like the videos , 

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Few videos in English for reference

Formula in Simple Form -1 , Topic: Brainstorm

Something Worth Considering – 1.Topic : Food  

Something Worth Considering – 7, Topic -Changing Generation   

Something Worth Considering – 15, Topic . Politics

Something Worth Considering – 18, Topic: Enemy  

Ba Ba Grasp – 2, Topic - Crap.    

Ba Ba Grasp – 5, Topic - Recession.    

Few videos in Hindi for reference

सूत्र के सरल तरीके…-1, विषय - मंथन 

वचन से विचार...-1.  विषय -भोजन  

वचन से विचार...-7. विषय - बदलती पीढ़ी      

वचन से विचार...-15. विषय – राजनीति

वचन से विचार...-14. विषय –भारत

बाबा ज्ञान…-3. विषय - पैसे    

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Satender Kumar Mall
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