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Street Food in Indian cities

Street food agnomen is given to foods which are sold on stalls in and around any market place. India is a country of various language and food. Visiting Indian metro cities and not having street food is considered as real miss of fun as well as taste. I have been fortunate to travel & stay in many cities of India such as Kolkata, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore and many others. Out of these cities Kolkata, Chennai and Delhi are considered as Metro cities in India, Of course it includes Mumbai but I have not visited this financial capital of India yet.

Kolkata, West Bengal
 The street food is amazing at Kolkata various streets such paani puri at Esplanade popularly known as Dharmatalla, sweets all across Bengal, Rolls at park street, Momo all around Kolkata. There are several other varieties you can test without any fear of health issue.

Amazing paani puri
Bengali sweets

Rolls varieties

Momo: Popular food of north east

 Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
 Lucknow is famous for its soft and sweet culture hence food varieties is bound to be sweet desserts apart from famous tunde kabab.
Kulfi faluda

Tunde Kabab

Jalebi : goes well with curd
This is capital city of India and offers varieties of north India food on street. The taste is amazing that you will not like to miss if you happen to try.
Paratha & samosa: not to be missed
Various curry's
Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Chennai is on southern part of India. You can try Chennai tea and coffee sold at street as well as fired corns, chilli & banana bhajji  along with coconut water. But you have to be little careful with any other street food as water is not that great here and so better to slip in restaurant for awesome iddli and dosa.
Fried corn

Chennai Tea
Chilli Bhajji and Coconut water
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh        
This city offers India best and most popular biryani and non- vegetarian varieties.  Seek kabab are mouth watering. During Id best of halim dishes are made in this city. Apart from food don't forget to buy pearl neck-less for your loved once near Char Minar.    

Street fish fries


Seek Kabab

This blog is unending if I continues city by city. I am sure many best knows street foods and cities have been given a miss in this blog so if you have tried any please make sure you add in comment section for wider audience benefit.

“When people wore hats and gloves, nobody would dream of eating on the street. Then white gloves went out of style and, suddenly, eating just about anything in the street became OK." as told by Jane Addison        

 Thank You!
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