Sunday, 12 May 2013

Deoria Meer : My village n Native

Native place has special place in everyone’s life. This place has fond memories of your birth, childhood etc. Birth place has seen you in all possible forms and have accepted without any bemoan. People stay or leave their native for any reason but they always remember this place as one of the special places they have ever come across in their life time. I am sure you also must have extra-ordinary recollections of your native.

My native place name is Deoria Meer; it is under Deoria district of northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Majority language is Hindi, which is also a national language of India. It is a small village of nearly 2900 population. The main occupation of the residents is agriculture followed by self-owned business, daily wages labours and ofcourse some gulf birds as well. As per 2011 Indian census, male and female ratio is 1471: 1429. It has its own post office and a small railways station. The village is full of lively people who are busy in tackling day to day issues of their own. This village is no wonderland as people here has their own disputes, fight, love, brotherhood and struggle to survive. Village is lucky in terms of natural reserves provided by God such as abundance of drinking water, fertile land for growing crops which includes wheat, rice/paddy, mustard, maize, pulse, vegetable variety etc. The village is surrounded by mango garden from one side and a lake with spiritual hermitage on other side. Remaining two sides are by man-made canal and railways station. My family i.e. my parents primarily cultivate wheat, rice and mustard.  The village has got 4 small temples (considering we have multiple God faith) and a big temple of Maa Durga is at reachable distance from village. It had one mosque but last year in 2012 when I visited my native I saw temporary mosque has been put up when asked a reason for the same people in charge told they have their own difference with people managing the old mosque so they have got one for themselves. Excellent issue resolved. Near to perfect village with all required facilities available naturally. Only thing people struggle is for road transport and electricity. But for that matter we are not the only village in India. Lovely this was a short description of my village. Wanted to mention that we have got around 15 Neem trees spread across the village. I will not hold you further so please watch out some snaps taken from i-pad.

My Home
Village Canal

Rail Station further view
Rail station closer view

My Paddy field: organic farming

Myself entering village from Rail St end

 Thank You!
Satender Kumar Mall
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