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Management lesson -Public Speaking from Gita (a Hindu scripture) - Part 3

Following up with part 2

We have realised so far that Indian Literature is immense wealth as it is enrich in skill and teaching which are far relevant today than they might have been in its times nearly 5000 years ago.

The art of speaking is science, in which nothing succeed, which is not planned.
Here are few great tips about Public speaking from GITA.

Timely speaking: 

            Understanding and appreciating the proper time and occasion while speaking is important aspect. This infuses confidence in listener about wisdom and attentiveness of the speaker. 


Controlled Speaking (vak sanyam): 

             This technic helps speaker to determine, where to take pause and where not to speak at all. To speak well, knowing how to hold the pace is key. One should not be too slow, too laud or too fast while delivery the speech.


Sentence framing: 

              There should be extremely small gap between thinking and delivery of the speech. The sentence formation in mind and speaking should not be evident else this exposes lack of preparedness. 

Spoken word full of feeling: 

              The efficacy of the soft and loving words full of compassion and tenderness not only bind the human but  animal too. 

Tabooed Speaking

              Harsh, humiliating and insulting coming from even high and rich person is not relished. It causes anguish to the listener. Therefore prudent people should refrain from speaking undesirable words.

                                                                        To be continued........

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