Sunday, 26 August 2018

Gaur Gopal Das - Youthful teachings

Gaur Gopal Das, a monk at the International Society of Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) Mumbai.; is an Electrical engineer- He did his engineering from the College of Engineering Pune in 1995, 

Gopal Das, is a profoundly qualified public speaker. He has been a Mentor for Many Young Minds crosswise over India and even globally.


Let's grasp few of his teaching to analysis and resolve our own stress and problems.

  • No matter who you are, you will be subject to problem, stress, options in life; May it be common person, married person, student, child, corporate management etc. so do a monk too. It just a flavour of problem is different.

  • Great people never "go through" problems but ''grow through" it.

  • We don't laugh on same joke again; then why do we cry on same problem over and over again.

  • No problem, No Life; Know problem, Know life!!

  • Intelligent person will open your mind; Handsome person will open your eye; But Gentle person will open your heart.

  • Make informed & transformed choices. Informed based on knowledge and your capability to bear consequence whereas transformed one mean based on your spiritual strength to derive faith.

  • Fun may add colour to life but not necessarily values to life.  

  • Words are forgotten, Actions are forgotten but Experience remains.

Thank you!

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