Sunday, 9 September 2018

Natural Disasters: Why blame Nature?

Natural Disaster in recent past has become common phenomenon. Consistent to our habits we end up blaming nature.

Is blaming nature a solution? 

If we analyse closely, we will find that 90% of our deed has lead to this predictive natural disaster.

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It is not rocket science to find one. 

Many of us in our childhood, came across some pond, lake etc when we were growing up. 


  • How many of those still exists?
  • How many lake/pond has been filled and converted to some fancy apartment/shop etc?
  • How many of us raised our voice or opposed such destruction of lake/pond?
  • How many us have funded toward it by buying some of the structure built over the pond and lake? 

The above questions may well qualify as one of the many reasons for natural disaster becoming so natural.

While growing up, I used to hear that so and so was great person, because he had funded to dug a lake, pond or created a water bodies for village.

Now what we hear is - so and so is very rich and big profound builder, he has filled the lake to make n story building of course by authorities permission.

Between this two thoughts, there is huge destruction story, but now we are used to it and it does not pain us. Does it?

The sorry picture is that natural disaster has to happen to remind us, Nature has to loudly scream: excuse me ! why blame me, I am simply trying to re-conquer my space grabbed by you.

Any disaster is bad and uncalled for!! Either it is through nature or via human activity. 
We need to co-exists, hence it is each one of us responsibility to contribute toward it in any mean possible.

Many of us to pass on the blame , we say education can help the change. There is no doubt about it. As an Indian, I feel proud of Kerala being India's most educated state long back before other state of India joined the league.

In recent Kerala floods, massive destruction happened to human, animals and developmental activities. It is not hidden from us or may be few of you might have experienced it personally. All effort too is being made to bring Kerala back to its feet which is commendable.

Question remain the same:- Have we done our bit or its a long way to go for mind set to change?

I guess, we have FAILED / MISSED a awesome lesson taught to us during Kerala flood and unknowingly we have invited for larger disaster for ourselves in future.

Mother nature threw out away all the garbage , we had been dumping in river day in day out.

lesson: Don't pollute me, I will not pollute your bridge.

Our response:- Offered with no comments! REALLY



Yes, It is not rocket science!! 

All we have to do is shed our decayed mentality, blame game and visit our culture heritage teaching about how to respect and co-exists NATURE. 

Nature is all about give and take. If we are taking space from nature, insure we create one elsewhere for it to visit happily.

I remember famous couplet from Chandragupta  Maurya

Jab prakirti deti hai to , ehshaan nahi karti!
Jab prakirti leti hai to,  lehaaj nahi karti!

When nature gives , it does not favour!
When nature takes, it does not care!!

Thank you!

Satender Kumar Mall
Twitter: @satenderiiit

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