Saturday, 23 September 2017

Memory - Does it define Human?

"Leave the dead to the dead"

Whats comes to your mind? When you read the line in pink.

Surely it is very insensitive or not so compassionate statement.


The above line I read from 'Sadhguru' post:-

You must leave the dead to the dead otherwise they will crawl up from the earth and live through you...If you allow them to dominate your system, you will become a bundle of compulsions.

What it has got to do with memory? 

But if you think bit more it’s the most profound statement as well. There are many level of memory. 

I had read somewhere that by doing 'YOGA', At least eight kind of memory can be mastered.

It is told that through yoga, one can touch those 'aspect' of intelligence which is beyond memory. Beyond memory means beyond boundaries also.

Memory is both possibilities as well as limitation.

Popularly knows types of memory are Genetic memory, Conscious memory, Evolutionary memory, Elemental memory, Atomic memory, Karmic memory, Articulate & Inarticulate memory  and many more.

As a person , if we do not make use of Conscious & Karmic memory enough to lead fresh life, or create/innovate something new/better, with age genetic memory will overpower. 

May be that's the reason , why people end up relating each other incident with their ancestor.

Only Human being has power to leave the dead to dead. As for other creature, anyway they will play through them.

We may identify each other through shapes & forms but its memory which signals the 'identify' pulse to identify

So its sounds like it will not be wrong, if we say difference between one person to another is memory.

Thank you!

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