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Shed tagline "I am busy!"

Today’s world, one of the greatest challenge-we face- is of having ‘too much’ of information but we don’t really know what to do about it.

Information about anything & everything is easily available in digital platform, that keep us engaged in mining more and more on daily basis.

Have we ever thought why we are mining it religiously?

What goal we are trying to achieve out of it?

What are we loosing or gaining in this mindless race of ‘knowing more’ and utlising rare few?

All we have been able to figure out as response to above queries is sweet and classy excuse: I am (very) busy these days!!

We don’t realised about it until we introspect or we are reminded (of course by those who care about us)  

So what we can do about it!!

Let’s try a simple exercise:-

Ingredients that can make one happy-

Energy + Time + Money

We can make ourselves happy by focusing energy & time towards what will make us happy, including working (Money) but just in different way.

Start will happen by clearing down our mind. It’s not easy but when you put in prospective, it is possible.

Our mind is occupied by points which can bring us joy! More at the same time it also has few points which annoy us. But we end up doing those annoying thing in social pressure or as mandatory norms of our routine.

Now that the few points, which eats up our time & energy and we are left with no time, hence an excuse “I am too busy”!!

We have to make an effort to clear-up those ‘annoy’ to make room for joy and time for yourself so that you can do-meet-chat with those who care about you & vice-versa!

Honesty & Politeness can help you to easily sail thorough NOT-SORRY Sea and tackle guilt.

 1.      Make a list of both points at start of week/month

 2.    Categories then as joy or annoy.

 3.    Try to be honest & polite, when declining annoy as well as well in advance.

 4.    Remember 'not' to commit to annoy points and decline at last moment, which is far worse, and you may be seen as stupid/unreliable/add any common slang of your preference.

Sample done for you!

Go to work
Do it
Mandatory training & meeting
Kind of annoy
Do it as job demand
Session/Charity of your co-worker, you don’t care about
Decline in advance
Doing your actual job
Do it
Attending a going away lunch party of someone whom you don’t even like.
Never commit but decline in advance

You have already saved time for yourself to spend with people who cares about you and you are happy to be with them.

Say - Good bye to “I am busy”, it’s not cool anymore!

Research have stated that people who are always with “I am busy” tagline are ‘unpleasant person’ and are more likely to be suffering from acute depression and future loneliness.

On lighter note:-
Hey any link about the research you are referring to?
Sorry guys, I just made it up!! But if you continue with tagline, do pass me your details in comments -- surely you can be the subject of case topic.

Thank you!

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