Saturday, 28 October 2017

Our desi words - which made to Oxford Dictionary in recent past!

In recent past, if you happen to browse oxford Dictionary online or its hard copy, you may have noticed few Indian desi words.

Yes, don't be surprise as trend in on reverse. If you happen to be English business journal reader - Indian desi words like 'guru', 'mantra', 'dhaba', 'aiyo', 'loot' etc you surely will already be familiar with.

Following are few Indian (Hindi) words which is already popular in Britain crowd too have manage to find its place in Oxford.

  • Jugad  [means adjustment or creativity]
Few jugad samples are:-

and many more added in 2017 are such as :

 achcha [means good as well an exclamation], bhindi, dadagiri, jai, Mirch masala, nagar, Namkeen, mirch, nivas, Sevak, sevika, Surya namaskar, tappa, Udyog, vada, avatar, Ek dum, bhuna, adda, Parishad, Bhagwan, Bhakti, bhajan, dicky, Deshi/desi, badmash, bandh, dhaba, bindaas, Hinglish, videshi, Aryan, Chakra, dharma, Nirvana, juggernaut, Pariah, pundit, purdah , Bandana, bindi, bangle, dhoti, jodhpur, curry, Basmatichit, chana, chana dal, Cataraman, bachcha, Mata, churidar, ganja, pukka, yaar.

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