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Gyaan” is a Hindi word which means knowledge. This is very powerful and scared word. In olden days or for that matter till late 90’s as well, people used to seek Gyaan from the experienced people around them in respective field of their mastery. This still remains as vital tool of preaching as well as passing basics from one generation to another. I am sure Gyaan relevance will never fade due to constant increase of knowledge thirst among people day by day. The best contribution of Gyaan, you already know so I do not want to bore you by putting emphasis on that area.

This blog is more of discovering the funny & shallow aspect of this word in context to changing as well as challenging times. The current generation is putting lot of effort day-in day-out to look “cool”. Majority of us want to learn less and preach more. We listen to reply rather than listen to understand. This has more or less made the word “Gyaan” to be used for sarcasm as well. Very famous Hindi tagline in college these days are “Yaar - Gyaan mat de, chalna/karna to bol” [Friend- No imparting knowledge, tell if willing to come/work].

Let’s have some fun by reminding ourselves few common life situations where you are bound to get Gyaan -Irrespective of your requirement to seek or to make use of any of them.

Situation: - Exam hall: Seeking answer to get pass mark from topper student.
Gyaan: Instead of giving answer at first available opportunity, what one get is Gyaan about how time was spent without learning throughout year etc. and in remote second opportunity topper remind the book & page number where the answer lies instead of hinting the answer in both chances.

Situation:-One asking money to fund his current needs.
Gyaan: He gets reply: “Man why don’t you do something to earn money”. How long you will keep asking for it. Then they ask full reason about one’s need of money, End result: person instead of giving money, gives suitable excuse that oh you are late! I just used my reserve money to fund something critical but if you had asked little earlier I would have helped you for sure.

Situation: - Mr A. had landed INR 5000.00 to Mr B. on his need out of concern & kind heart with promise that Mr B. will return in 15 days.
Gyaan: Mr A. gets back his money in 15 months after additionally spending INR 1000.00 in phone call, meeting etc. to recover. I will not mention Gyaan as you are intelligent enough to figure out based on your personal experience.

There is old saying:-
In Hindi
दुनिया, की सबसे सस्ती चीज़ है ,"सलाह" एक से मांगो हजारों ,से मिलती हैं और सबसे,महंगा है "सहयोग" हजारों से मांगो एक से मिलता हे..!!
[Translation: World's cheapest thing to get is "advice" Ask from one, you get from thousands and the most expensive thing to get is  "collaboration" demand from thousands, you get from one!!]

 Few Funny picture [collected from internet] which might bring smile at your face:-

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