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Management model : used by many in daily life without MBA degree!

There are broadly 3 reasons why one chooses to have MBA degree. First: after spending short tenure in industry one feels more depth & need to have MBA degree to rise. Secondly few graduate degrees works well when combined with MBA degree. Thirdly After having completed graduation, market still not favorable to offer one a job so completing MBA is also wise decision to go for. But merely completing MBA, does it make people manage their affair efficiently? Answer is of course YES; MBA does increases your ability to think compare to what you were before MBA degree holder. It also substantially add network to your contacts and reach. Being a MBA myself, I thought to put my observation on some aspect of life where people not having MBA degree uses MBA models efficiently. They deserve space and applaud for their creative thinking without formal piece of paper to approve them.

Whoever has achieved success in life have some point executed Covey’s 7 habit religiously.
The habits of Covey are:-
1.   Be proactive: This is the ability to control one’s environment, rather than have it control you.
2.   Begin with end in mind:  This is ability to be able to see the desired outcome and concentrate on activity which helps in achieving the end.
3.   Put first thing first:  This is discipline to complete point 2nd first which is mental creation before moving to 3rd which is physical creation.
4.  Think win-win: This is important aspect of interpersonal leadership because most achievement is based on win–win solution for all.
5.  Seek first to understand and then to be understood: Develop and maintain positive relationship through good communication.
6.    Synergize: This is habit of creative cooperation.
7.   Sharpen the saw: Learning from previous experience and encouraging others to do the same. It is most important aspects in being able to cope with challenges and aspire to higher levels  of ability. 

    I am sure now you must be thinking about many names hitting your mind who has followed the above and have achieved higher level of ability without/partial formal piece of institutional approval certificate. I am sure you are also one of them. Do you have doubt? Of course NO; As at least you are following point 1 of being proactive and reading my blogs.

    I may be wrong but doing MBA after you have applied the knowledge of your graduate degree in industry is fun. This will help you relate to whatever you gaining new or adding to your existing ability as part of MBA. 

   Another most common theory is ERG Theory. We found ourselves as pendulum among the factors of this theory. These needs are such which influence our behavior.

-Existence Needs: Physiological and safety needs [such as hunger, thirst etc.]
-Relatedness Needs: Social and external esteem [involvement with family, friends etc.]
-Growth Needs: Internal esteem and self-actualization [desired to be creative, productive etc.] 
Source: Internet

Now you will find many commoners who are not MBA degree holders but managing above theory efficiently and smoothly. If you are one of them who is not able to manage above the way you need always feel free to hire MBA degree holders from pool of world. I am sure you know what you need to hire MBA!

Thank You!
Satender Kumar Mall
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