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Hello” is a common greeting widely prevalent across the world. In one of my blog I had compiled about How “I Love you” is expressed in various language. In this blog, I have compiled about how Hello is greeted in various language that too from various source.

The following list is of language and how hello is greeted in that language. In case you find language not in list and you know, please put it in comment section. I will incorporate as update to push the list toward completion.

Language                   Greeting
 Hindi                          Namaste 
Albanian                      Mirëdita
Arabic                         Ahalan
Armenian                    Parev
Bulgarian                     Zdravei / Zdrasti
Danish                         Goddag
Dutch                          Goede dag, Hallo
English                        Hello
Finnish                        Hei
French                         Bonjour
German                       Guten Tag
Greek                          Gia'sou
Hebrew                       Shalom
Hungarian                   Jó napot
Icelandic                     Halló / Góðan daginn
Indonesian                  Halo
Irish                             Dia dhuit
Italian                          Salve / Ciao
Japanese                      Kon-nichiwa
Korean                                    An-nyong Ha-se-yo
Norwegian                  Hallo
Polish                          Dzien' dobry
Portuguese                  Olá
Romanian                    Bunã ziua
Russian                        Zdravstvuyte
Spanish                        Hola
Swahili                        Jambo / Hujambo
Swedish                      Hej
Thai                             Sa-wat-dee
Turkish                        Merhaba / Selam
Ukrainian                    Vitayu
Vietnamese                 Xin chào
Welsh                          Hylo; Sut Mae?
Yiddish                       Sholem Aleychem
Zulu                             Sawubona
Chinese                       Nei Ho/Ni hao

 “We almost always only greet strangers when we need something from them (time, directions, etc.).”      ― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Thank You!
Satender Kumar Mall

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