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The real Problem Vs an imaginary problem!

If we happen to analyze bit more closely, we will discover that 40% of our time we are trying to settle/battle  out imaginary problem. The problem that we think may encounter in future, which is again an imaginary fear.  This drains our energy to large extent.

What could be the reason that even wise men too fall in this trap?


Let’s understand with short extract from great Hindu Epic Mahabharata.

(Bhism Pitama and Barbarik  meeting before start of kurukshtra war) 


Bhism was the greatest as well as longest living warrior of his times, who had blessing to decide his own death. 

Barbarik was four generation younger to Bhism, but he too was skillful and equally trained & powerful warrior equal to stature of Bhism.


Barbarik to Bhism: As my wish to see you has fulfilled, I want to make a request to you!

Bhism: Request, what kind of request son?

Barbarik: I have heard that you are commander-in-chief of Kuruvas.

Bhism: That's right my son, you have heard it correct.

Barbarik: That is the reason for my request! I do not want to use my extra ordinary power on someone, who is far skillful, knowledgeable, someone who is symbol of keeping his words & promise. Moreover world will forever in all ages to come, will have high regard. Hence I pray that you should not take part in war.

Bhism: Calmly replied- Son there is one more way to fulfill your wish! If you back- out from the war.

Barbarik: That’s not possible my fore-father! I am helpless and have committed to my family. Hence I cannot back out.

To this Bhism: replied-> The thing which you cannot do your-self, then why are you requesting me to do that?

Barbarik: I am simply begging before you?

Bhism: One should not beg someone's character or duty (DHARMA) in begging.

Barbarik: Apologies! I simply do not want that my extra power and blessing become obstacle for you.

Bhism: I have blessing of deciding my own death, hence any obstacle, power or problem of any kind cannot withstand in front of me or kill me.

Barbarik: Then what should I do?

Bhism: You should do you duty my son. And also never try & find answer to all questions yourself. Few questions should be left for time and luck to decide the answer. As they are the only one who has the answer.

So how do we identify the real and imaginary problem? 

The last recitation given by Bhism about not finding solution to every question ourselves is the key. As this gives HOPE & realization that we are not the best of universe, though you may be best of you. 

Time and luck answer few questions the best.

This gives us opportunity to look around, learn and move on

Instead of hanging over to something and finish ourselves in false believe of being decider yourself.

Thank you!

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