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Individuality & Personality

Sometime we get lost in personality cult and loose our identity to be identified with something and end up becoming person.

Person is a collection of identities which help in identify as personality. Person usually lacks clarity as it tries to protect its collection of identities. It's usually an ingredient of what one is exposed to until current life tenure.

Individual being is a quality that cannot be further broken down. It's is fundamental unit within. It is in-divisible any more.
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Let’s analyze with following famous story of Akbar and BeerBal:-

Akbar as young infant was separated by his mother for period of time due to some political reason. Hence they brought another women, she also had a boy few month elder to Akbar. The women breast feed both Akbar as well as her own child during that care period.

Later Akbar mother came and at age of 12, Akbar was corona-ted as Emperor. By the time he was 25 years of age, He was known all across the world as great emperor.

Somewhere on the way Akbar, gave few villages as gift to that carer lady's son, feeling that we both drank the milk of same mother, hence we both were brother.

By the time Akbar turned 30, his elder brother lost everything , again turned penny-less. The man decided to visit Akbar so that something can be done about his poverty.

As Akbar was deeply identified with this man as brother since they both had drank milk of same mother, hence gave grand welcome honor that should be given to an elder brother and brought him to his court. But his elder brother was fool, who did not know anything from other. He gazed around in court and looked around various happening in Akbar court. 

Akbar had gathered enormous talent of musicians, mathematician, and nearly all kind of talent in his court.

Then the time to leave was coming for this man. He turn around to Akbar and told that reason why you are doing good in life is because you have got really smart people around you.

If I had such people around me, I too can become such as great emperor. Akbar listened to his elder brother patiently. The man said especially due to this smart man BeerBal. If I had the similar guy with me, I too can succeed like you.

Akbar felt very guilty that his elder brother is feeling dishearten like this. Out of attachment, Akbar told, if you want you can take BeerBal with you. The man felt very encouraged and said YES.

Then Akbar called BeerBal and commanded him to go with his elder brother and do whatever with him. BeerBal rolled his eyeball and was thinking what I am going to do with this fool.

BeerBal said, Lord! Why me? If you re-consider, I can send my elder brother with your elder brother.

Even Akbar felt relieved as he too didn't wanted to loose BeerBal, so he asked the fellow, if that is OK? The man thought as BeerBal is so smart then his elder brother surely be super-smart. So he happily agreed to new proposal.

Next day morning, in send-off party, BeerBal walked in the court with a BULL on rope. 

Akbar looked at him & said:  what is this? 

BeerBal said Lord - you wanted my elder brother to go with your elder brother. Here is my elder brother.

Akbar got really angry: - Are you insulting my elder brother?

BeerBal said: No my Lord. He is my elder brother as we both drank the milk of same mother.

The moment you get identified with something, your intelligence is wrapped around that identity and web of complex identities is formed and we lose the main point/focus.

Personality is that which society manages to make you!
Individuality is that which society is afraid of 

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