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Addiction is one of the nomenclature which is found across in almost all human irrespective of any age.

Yes, we can argue the level and type of addiction based on age or profession of human.

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Few inspirational speakers also suggest that if one is struggling between good/bad addiction, should try converting their passion as addiction. It will turn out to be win-win situation.

We all agree to the fact that excess of anything is injurious to health & environment. This may be the reason why addiction sounds negative and relates commonly to bad things.

Based on above logic, passion signifies excess to anything but in good way, what do you think?

Hang on there exists further classification on how (much, not so, so & so) bad a bad addiction is. This is directly proportional to members and culture of a society.


What comes to your mind when you hear word “addiction”? Come on now it’s already in your mind!

I am sure its SMOKING as in elementary, we all ended up reading same text book of moral education irrespective of private or government school we studied in.

World takes smoking hazards very seriously, we can find warning on its packets, even they do not shy from displaying rotten lungs on packet. But kind enough to provide smoking zone everywhere (in corporate offices, airports to name few) so that one can happily get their lungs qualified to be put on packets. I honestly believe it is still better option than blatantly call for Ban. You know it hurts economy, job also life span to add. Hello Dear, it seems “Life-span” becomes victim in both of the cases.


Come on put in comment if it was not SMOKING as first thing in your mind!!!!

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Let’s think of something good for this negative sounding word Addiction. Any guess??

WORKAHOLIC: How you feel about it in this category, I know obvious answer is COOL sorry let sound ultra-modern KOOoooL/KUL. This one help us to fit in company of both wise as well as trouble/challenger i.e. addictive. It adds weightage to your character and pride for addictive group to welcome you.

I am sure you will be disappointed that you wanted to read more but it has just finished. May be I love to write but not addictive to it.



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