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DevOps – (Development and Operations) simplified

In this write-up, I have tried to analyses the silent features of DevOps and Will it leads to revolution in IT industry or will turn up another ‘so called’ process improvement on shelf.

The core feature which is attracting industry to give a thought for DevOps is about its basics which is based on professional principles that helps business unit’s smooth collaboration. This basic feature was developed with collaboration of multidisciplinary skill-set people who are comfortable with software development, infrastructure and configuration such as system admin, tester and coder.

The DevOps movement is still in its infancy, but its gathering pace - there are conferences, mailing lists, irc channels, blogs and people to get to know.

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Core concept at glance:-

·         It encourage the development of communication skills, understanding of the domain in which the software is being written, and, crucially, a sensitivity and passion for the underlying business, and for ensuring it succeeds.

·         The DevOps culture puts a focus on creating a fast and stable work flow through development and IT operations.  One main goal of DevOps is to deploy features into production quickly and to detect and correct problems when they occur, without disrupting other services.

·         It helps technical people feel empowered and capable of helping in all area. It infuses better reliability and availability, happier clients, faster time to market, and more time to focus the team's energy on core business rather than wasteful administration and firefighting.


DevOps is more of cultural shift in fast moving technology space where dependency and dark spot barrier can be minimized across the project life cycle since the goal of each individual in project is to deliver successful stable product to production. But at the same time it should not blur the identity of programmer as programmer, tester and deployment expert respectively. Operations people can learn development too, but again, nothing beats experience.

It is also important to keep in mind that you can’t force cultural change. It has to start from the bottom up, and it needs breathing room to grow.

It should not been seen as tool to save cost but more of easy, trustworthy flow of knowledge, helping hand across the teams. Using “DevOps” to save money by reducing staff will blow up in your face.

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