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Dharam Quiz

    Following are few common quiz for our young friends to be aware and accustomed to their culture of Hinduism. 

1.      What is the best way to benefit from the principle of Shrī Hanumān on Hanumān Jayantī?
Ritualistic worship of Shrī Hanumān
Drawing the Rangolī of Shrī Hanumān
Chanting ||Shrī Hanumate Namaha||
None of the above

2.     To offer respect to predominance of Shrī Hanumān principle, on which of the following day one should avoid shaving?

3.     Which lamp is suitable for lighting during Diwali
Oil lamp
Candle light
Electrical light
Kerosene lamp

4.     Spiritual purpose of Arati is
To increase the satvikata in the environment
To activate the divine Chaitanya from the deities
To be able to experience the God
To strengthen the faith

5.     In which of the below direction one should move the platter while performing an Arati ?
Clock wise
Anti clock wise
Both sides
Upside and to downside

6.     Why is Shrī Gaēsh worshiped first before doing any ritualistic worship?
It is an ancient tradition
Because Shrī Gaēsh is everyone's favorite deity
Shrī Gaēsh is the master (swāmi) of directions
Shrī Gaēsh is not worshiped first

7.     Gurupourimā is the day to
offer garland to Shree Guru
worship the Guru principle to express gratitude
go to Ashram and seek the Guru’s blessing

8.    Lord Shiva is three-eyed which means
He gets angry
He has unique power
He can perceive events in the past, present and future

9.     Savitri is considered as the symbol of
Eternal wifehood

10. Under which tree Savitri debated on the scriptures with Deity Yama for three days?
Banyan tree
Pipal tree
Banana tree

11.   Satsang should provide a platform for
Guidance on spiritual progress
Sharing spiritual experiences
Clarification of spiritual doubts
All the above

12. The festival of ‘Rakshabandhan’ started from the day when
Lakshmī Dēvī tied rakhi to King Bali
Draupadi offered a torn piece of her sāī to tie Shrī krisha’s bleeding finger
None of the above

13. What are the benefits of fasting during Navarātri?
It helps one to lose weight
The six basic foes (shadripu) are reduced
The embodied soul benefits at a spiritual level
The second and third choices

14.  Holi represents:
A festival of radiance (Tēj)
A festival of Nag-worship
A festival of Indian classical dance

Both 'a 'and 'c'

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