Friday, 14 February 2014

Village and urban stories of childhood

Childhood in village has quite separate flavour than those who spent growing up in cities or in control environment. Teens are special phase of our life where we dare to imagine and end up trying anything without fear. Indeed true right? But when we were in our infancy we always wanted to grow up like grown up lots around us. After growing up we realised that we have been envelope in the worlds of calculative move, fear, diplomatic stands etc. to survive and move forward. Sometime when we lie down and reflect to weigh childhood to our current adulthood smile after smile keeps pouring on our face. We suddenly become charged up with positive energy.

How village one is bit more adventures compared to urban type?

In village due to lack of man-made resources we tend to stay bit closer to natural resources. We played in mud, went to nearby pond along grandfather with buffalos and cows. Day long playing with marble tiny balls and when we complain of finger pain at home, we were welcome with threat that marble will be thrown away if we complain once more. So child is confused, Is pain good or the value of marble? Festivals were real delight as we get an opportunity to shed our worst cloth among the pair of two, we had with new one. Special festival foods & goodies used to be cooked, which was entirely different from our daily menu.

In urban surely the above fun is missing. What children can do max as outdoor is play in nearby park that too in allotted time and usually under supervision. They are lucky to be watching cartoon or playing with toys indoor. If they happen to touch mud, they might end up listening flawless lecture on germs and their harmful effect. These way children in urban are more exposed to general knowledge of good and bad. Festival is real joy for them as several guest pour in houses and they can do something of their own as parents end-up hesitant to guide/scold them in front of all. New clothes is not much delight as they keep wearing new one after another without waiting for festival to arrive.

After little grown up topic of discussion among friends too varies. The urban lad talk out sci-fi video games, cricket match, latest cartoon, books, school, teacher, friends circle etc. Whereas the village one leaves school topic strictly at schools but if there is any quarrel that is for sure sorted out after school. They too discuss sport but the one of which they are part off. Some horror incident too, when once a village goat was drowned in the railway pond, we discussed and concluded that there is some pulling power exists inside the pond which pulled the goat inside for food. But if you wear the scared thread which our village priest keeps distributing it will act as protective. 

It will go on and on…….

If you have some interesting experience which you think worth sharing please do put it in comment section as well.

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Satender Kumar Mall
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