Sunday, 2 February 2014

Internet: On all sides !

Human civilization has come to an age where people prefer to settle on lane where internet/Wi-Fi cable passes. In Ancient times people used to settle near river, time changed now they prefer to settle near roads. Slowly urge to settle is now moving towards internet/Wi-Fi lane. Society is moving toward nuclear from clustered one. People are more excited to get Wi-Fi planted around their surroundings rather than planting a tree.

In another word internet is boon in 21st century. We get lots of information about anything we can think off. Internet has also simplified many services such as banking, travel, communication to name few out of many. We have more friends on internet social networking sites then when we really need them in physical presence. Internet has also changed and has contributed to our life-style. Simple phones which was only used for talking has been replaced by smart phone with n number of features and apps. Now we hardly find anyone asking - do you have balance/talk-time in your mobile? Instead we face query - Do you have internet connectivity in your phone? Money centric query such as talk-time has diverted toward service/upgrade centric sense.

Internet has changed the way we lead life now, so as it has also changed the face of problems. Now we face two kinds of thieves physical and online. Online scams, account hacking, bank transaction fraud, dual identity etc. are few to name. So we should be extra alert/conscious as well and take full advantage of this new Wi-Fi way of life. There are few things which still remain best medium though surely we can say internet has added value to it. Such as books replaced by pdf files. We can read full books but there are few who can claim to have read full pdf. Online MBA courses sounds so modern but I have hardly knows anyone who have completed them on stipulated period of time. Many register and few completed half and rest abandon after initial month of start. All this in no way suggest internet is bad. It is just to make all of us think wisely. Universal truth of life is excess usage of anything push you toward pain. If we get stuck to much to internet all the time then we might push ourselves to solitude.

Use internet to achieve your needs but do not turn yourself into needs of internet.-Satender Kumar Mall

Following are few funny side of life-style gain by internet. I am sure you will enjoy it or may have come across on internet.

Thank You!
Satender Kumar Mall
Twitter: satenderiiit

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