Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Turn or splash of events

Twists and turns keeps fleeting in our life on a daily basis. It is useful as it adds spice to life and makes our life more adventurous. I wanted to narrate a bigger aspect of turns and how it has impacted our life and it will be left to reader’s imagination about its future course. By the time I started understanding business world I saw Information technology and computer revolution in India. This was much needed change which the Indian youth needed to come out of unemployment clutches post college degree phase. Traditionally we either engaged in family business or agriculture. I am considering the majority of the population engagement, of course there were many other jobs as well. None of you will deny that nothing has changed youth fortune the way IT in India has.  Due to this click technology we experienced ample opportunities as soon as we graduated from college. Youth got the money power and quick return to their investment in degrees. We bettered ourselves from minimum to maximum standard of life. Middle class got much needed push which was due for long time in their lives.
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Conditions started improving but there is an another equally important aspect to this revolution. So what is that ? To understand the same lets include it in the story. The stories are true and reference can be found in many Indian/international newspapers. Before that few headlines!

A 36-year-old software engineer committed suicide by jumping off the sixth floor of her office in city on Monday. The reason is yet not known.

A 26-year-old software engineer, who was sent back to India from US, attempted to commit suicide at the International Airport here this morning. Police suspect that the engineer might have been sent back to India as he would not have risen up to the expectations of his employer.
 A 28-year-old software engineer allegedly committed suicide by hanging herself at her house “The deceased was under depression and had not slept for two days. She was overworked and was finding it difficult to balance home and office.

The story goes a girl from a small village who studied to match the latest growing market trend of IT. She was hard working and slowly became too ambitious and wanted to achieve higher position in IT as well as greater wealth. Nothing wrong in her thought and approach. She worked hard but was not promoted; she made sufficient money but still had more financial liability. IT industry is perceived as quite lucrative for making money especially by those who are not related to this industry. The problem complexities in computer based projects are exponential in nature; hence developing and handling defects is real a pressure mountain. Feeling dejected by the promotion episode she drove home by muscling heavy traffic where she escaped accident twice. She stopped at  a vegetable hawker to grab some vegetables to cook that night. As she reached home she was welcomed by the news that her husband had lost his job due to job iteration. The entire night both evaluated the possible financial uncertainty scenes which were flashing before them. They had two apartments, two luxury cars, and club & holiday memberships. Both were so tensed about the future ahead that both became similar newspaper headlines as above next morning.

Now how they had reached to this point that is to be blamed “Should we blame her hard work; her boss who did not respect her dues; traffic which always occupies one’s mind; Her decision of having everything in excess; or the IT  industry boom in India which gave strength to youth to dream big for luxury”

We always say academic teaching is for schools and life teaches in its own way. But it was a book which taught ‘always strive for doing things but not for a post because you kill your skill when you don’t get the post in time frame set if your mind unlike you became master in your job and ultimately you will get the respect or something much better than that post

It is good to accumulate wealth via hard work but one has to create balance between asset and liability. Over accumulation of anything (except love & and only love) will always occupy your mind and keep you in constant fear to look beyond it. I believe if the girl's mind was not pre-occupied by her liability and her over-ambition to attain higher post, she could have successfully dealt with her husband's job loss situation and could have started life from fresh. Injustice done by her boss could have been dealt at proper forum but life once ended is the end of everything. All this is not easy as I have put in words but you say if we will not check it ourselves then would almighty appear to solve the same? Can we spend 20 minutes on daily basis to love ourselves, to love idea of life? I am sure we will succeed in saving ourselves from further deterioration.

Someone has rightly said instead of wasting wishes on materialistic and peace and happiness, wish for the gift of life, because with that everything else falls into place.

Thank You!
Satender Kumar Mall
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  1. Truly said, Life is everything. If you are alive, you can turn your misfortune into propitious circumstances; though it will take some time, but it is possible if you have a very strong will power and determination to turn yourself in afresh in the game of life!

  2. As said "life once ended is the end of everything" as this ends the never ending pain, people tend to develop suicidal tendencies...:(

  3. Inspirational... we all should respect the value of life. Life is precious, so live every moment of it.

  4. good one sirji...truly inspirational... learnt and realized lot on good and bad aspect of this click technology.