Friday, 8 March 2013

Onsite Dreams

I have not come across any software engineers who have not dream't of working onshore in his career tenure. Several reasons may be behind this thought such as traveling, experience, understanding business closely, meeting people & culture and of course no charity here but for making some good money as well. Hope you will agree that anyone who visit onsite then first thing one end up doing is uploading snaps in networking site to express & share his/her joy. Let me explain onshore and offshore model to my readers who belongs to background different from IT. Onsite means working at client location away from your home country usually Western countries considering Eastern countries being offshore.
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I was also no exception to the dream of working onsite. As far as getting near to onsite dream is concerned the closest I achieved was to get L1 Visa pasted in my passport during my tenure at Satyam now knows as Mahindra Satyam in 2008. Similarly for traveling dream I was about to depart to justify my visa but prior to that my project as well as company both departed. To have more fun read my blog Job Threat. Still I did not lose heart and nourished my ambition in second company CGI (a Canada based company operating in IT hub Bangalore) and managed to get my name in list but later it was dropped citing someone else need to travel urgently as her husband is already there and she is more critical to project than me. No secret bargain works everywhere and it is also good to bargain when you at position to do so. But I have also come across people who were desperate to go onsite also luck favor them they did went but during the course of stay at onsite end up regularly complaining that they are getting bored, homesickness etc. If you happen to watch closely then scenario is just opposite. What you will find is these lots while their days are numbered before returning to offshore, they are more anxious to extend their stay rather than getting rid of their problem of being bored/homesickness. Now this is not cool as they got what they needed by company/project and still they have grumble to register. Well universe is full of different kind of characters so this group also has place else we will miss spicy topic to discuss during drinks and parties.

Well with my unfulfilled dream of going onsite via company remains a dream and I quit job at CGI as well as Bangalore city on 10th March 2010 to pursue my dream myself. But you must have heard that nothing in this world is handed to you. You have to go out and get it! Nobody said it would be easy but hard work always pays off. These line well justify my situation, here I can relate the book read theory to real life one.

Today is 10th March 2013 and I got an opportunity to visit offshore. Guess where? It is same Bangalore city for 3 weeks. So keep working silently towards your dreams as you just get one life so you cannot afford to miss/ignore.

 Thank You!
Satender Kumar Mall
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  1. Really good writings. Keep it up. Somehow I am unable to post comment your blog site from my mobile.

    Amartya Chacaraverti

  2. Grt... Patience pays....hope to c u in delhi....:)

  3. Hello Sir !

    Great selection on the topics, and beautifully captured. Got through some other posts, the recession topic was very well written, and funny indeed.

    Keep writing & sharing :)

    1. Thanks a lot Sandeep! I will wait for your lovely comments in my other blog as well.

  4. Sirji ..

    well written ..hope to see u in B'lore

  5. Waiting for you eagerly sir...:)

  6. Good one dude ...hard work always pays off and also need little bit of luck....:)
    We will meet in b'lore

  7. Onsite, its all peer pressure and family pressure...

    Rest all is secondary...

  8. No disagreement there. Hard work always pay off and no doubt that you're a hard worker. Enjoy your stay offshore!