Sunday, 19 April 2020

Off-Facebook Activity. - Attention

All having FB accounts, please read this carefully: 

I have just now done the cleaning and clicked off the future activities monitoring

CAREFUL:- Facebook have a record of every website and App that We have visited on our phone,

 Super intrusive and sneaky
 I’ve turned it off now .

Are you aware of a new feature that Facebook added around the February 1st week update?
Many of you probably don’t know that over the past 8 weeks Facebook has been monitoring and tracking what you do when your offline and not on Facebook.
I suggest you to look now as you won’t believe what they see.

**Go to Facebook settings, 
scroll down to Your Facebook Information. 
Click on Off-Facebook Activity** You can see the list in Manage Your Off-Facebook Activity.
To shut it down...
 in the same setting, click on More Options. 
Go into Manage Future Activity and turn it off. 

You may want to clear the history as well.

Note: sharing as seen on Facebook in friend circle.

Thank you!

Satender Kumar Mall
Twitter: @satenderiiit

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