Saturday, 18 January 2020

When will we take the matter in hand?

Not all, YES not all, but majority of we Indian still suffers from the mindset that

It’s not my problem’

Government should do this …should do that…

Yes, Government should do but where is our bit?

Each one of us are staring and suffering from pollution in tier1 and now tier 2 city is slipping in grip as well.


We have noticed  around us (yes, we included) grabbing land 0.5 feet to 2 feet but not being forward looking enough to spare similar space and plant few trees while constructing house etc.

There are numerous sad stories of similar kind, where we can make difference and help future generation but we pretend to be smart and cover off our effortlessness. [if you have interesting stories, please comment below]

Its time running out!
We need to do something about it…..
Break our false shaky cover of fake mindset and hit the ground!

Few small stuff

1.      If we are fit and can walk, why not once a week , make group to water the plant on road dividers to ensure it grows and help us with shade and reduce pollution.
2.      If we are bit cash surplus, why not donate or install dustbins in area around us.
3.      If we present well, Let’s do presentation in school & college to motivate youngster a help us fight pollution.
4.      If we draw and paint , Let’s make the ugly wall around us soothing to eyes. Many are already doing.
5.      If we still want to complain, Let’s tweak a  bit instead and REPORT online and appropriate forum. Follow up and make it happen. [Uttar Pradesh:]

Thank you!

Satender Kumar Mall
Twitter: @satenderiiit

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