Saturday, 17 February 2018

Belief to believe in yourself

It is getting important to figure out ability to believe and to believe in yourself. The new dynamics of world has changed as well as changing from 
' lets become something' to 'lets do/create something'.

This revolutionary origination of idea shift has open the door of whole set of undiscovered new normal.

So what’s that new normal?

It’s “Disruption”.


The 'normal' of 'play safe' & 'follow the masses' is kind of old school.

Today they say :

Be careful when you follow the Masses. Sometimes the 'M' is silent.

I was closely following Israel PM visit to India last month, In one of his speeches during 'India-Israel Business Summit in New Delhi' (19.28) part of video link
he proudly narrated how Israelis created industries virtually out of nothing , such as Cyber technology, cars with 85% software e.g. satellite navigation, digital health and many more.

In current world dynamic, you may have your own choice of like-dislike toward Israel, but surely you must not have managed to escaped yourself from using one of their product in your day to day life out of above mentioned industry created out of nothing.

 Now in big picture, one can find how Israel created new normal via disruption for good. It must not have been possible if they would have lacked the sense of belief to believe in themselves. Awesome!!

Now that was a broader picture of country as whole, but you may have notice around that similar trends is helping reducing poverty around the world. 

Going by report during Industrial revolution (which went on for couple of century) era, nearly 70% of world population was under poverty compare to existing nearly 15% as of today. 

What leads this reduction in poverty index?

Technology enhancement which is brain child of disruption and ability to believe in yourself. This era in less than 50 years, has changed the world for good. 
It has touched through every aspect of human life may it be farming, business, connectivity, security, communication, education, health, food etc.

Technology has broken the barriers of distance, visibility and has rolled out red carpet for creativity.

Thank you!

Satender Kumar Mall

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