Saturday, 16 December 2017

Kubernetes - Secrets Creation & management

Kubernetes is an orchestration tool for containerization technologies such as dockers.

A single dockers server can be managed using docker itself but when we need multiple dockers server management from single software to build a highly available dockers cluster, then we require an orchestration like Kubernetes.

Secrets: is an object that contains small amount of secret data such as a password, a token or a key. It belongs to specific kubernetes Namespace.
It reduces the risk of exposing sensitive data to unwanted entities.
It is created outside of Pods same like ConfigMaps. The size of secrets cannot exceed 1 Mb.

Secrets are registered with Kubernetes Master. It can be mounted as volume (i.e flat file) or exposed as environment variables.

Secrets is only sent to the Node hosting the Pod that requires access.

Handy commands to creates secrets in kubernetes:

kubectl create -f secret.yaml

To view all the secrets:-

kubectl get secrets

To view secret-env.yaml file which has Pod defined contaning environment variable populated from previously created secret:-

cat secret-env.yaml

For UI based Kubernetes references.

source : internet

source : internet

source : internet

source : internet

source : internet

source : internet

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