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Lets Stop Preaching & Make an Effort towards Teaching!

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When you share your agony with anyone, one always end-up with advise or preaches about benefits of being self-motivated or Don't loose heart etc.


In-fact its not wrong advice but it certainly has something lacking.

Whats is that 'something' lacking then?

Well, its the aspect of 'teaching'  about how to remain self-motivated or bring back our concentration, which has been shaken with agony.

Simple example to put in real life context! [Success seeker and Failure avoid-er]

Parents always ask their children to concentrate in studies or any activity.

Right? Do you agree?

Well! But how many of us actually teach our children the art of concentration?

Have we ever realized that if our children, do not know how to concentrate, how they are going to do justice to our instruction?

Any guess on outcome?

This infuse the attitude of failure avoid-er  in children and in quest of doing things right at first attempt [without skill], always stops them from trying or even making a start.

Hence, as parents need to make effort to appreciate the failure of our children, which will allow them to be creative and explore unknown. Leave success be appreciated by outsiders. 

The following difference needs to be understood:-

I GOT to go to class ! [Its a sense of requirement, like alarm clock]

I GET to go to class ! [Its a sense of opportunity, like enthusiasm]

How you communicate to others?
How you communicate to yourself?

People miss out opportunity on regular basis due to bad frame of mind about simply not able to break the comfort zone.

One can always argue that what if we land up in more trouble due to constant deserting comfort zone?

Well! To keep it simple!

Do we not experience pain-agony-trouble even by being in comfort zone?

The closer answer could be that breaking comfort zone is a way toward excellence. Imagine any field of your choice, anyone who has not tested failure has not been able to do justice to success in long term.

Success is no accident, if one has got it by accident, Sustainability factor will not let one hang for longer unless there is absolutely right purpose.

We need to make a start from being independent to being inter-dependent to solve issues.

On lighter note:-

We always say our children (Age 3-5 yrs), Drink milk - This will make you smart & intelligent!

Child drinks milk daily!

Same child (Age 5-8 yrs.), when questions us on our instruction, we end up saying – Don’t act smart!

We all needs to take a step back – re-calibrate ourselves to match current time and future, So that we can assist next generation to be well-equipped to match challenges ahead.

You will always figure out a way, if you make your mind certain & convinced about it.

Rather than feeling bad about problem, Think what you can do about it?

Prospective matters. It is the base of creating perception ahead. But never shy away from breaking perception with better prospective. 

Believe me, it always helps. 

You have just got one life to achieve everything you wish for. So you have to act accordingly.

Thank you!
Satender Kumar Mall
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