Sunday, 2 October 2016

Educated Vs Learned

One can easily claim to be educated compare to becoming a learned person.

Why learning is difficult compare to be educated?

World has transformed to extent that information is available on finger tips, which is much needed change to intact transparency in data flow.
You might agree that each change has positive as well as not so positive effect but change is must to keep human life engaged.

Ultimately it boils down to human critical thinking to embrace it.

Learning = Education + Knowledge + Wisdom.

Learning is comprised of 3 key basic elements. Hence it is not easy to attain and very few make it to this bracket.

One of the most common example of our day to day life, which reflect that Education device us to understand & appreciate things around us.

For e.g.: We all share inspirational quotes, view on injustice toward nature or living beings, good life rules to follow etc. on WhatsApp-social media or in general conversation


Think for a second, how much percent of it, we follow ourselves compare to daily sermons we impart!!

No need to be scared of the outcome, Outcome is only for self-analysis & work toward its correction.

So what was the outcome?

We follow number of those only when it is convenient to us!! Else we ignore or convince ourselves ‘not to’ when immediate cost is visible.

That’s where we drag ourselves out from learning bracket and proud to be called as educated.

There are 3 ways to learn --

Learning by experience: This is the hardest.

 Learning by reflection: This is the noblest.

Learning by imitation: This is the fastest.”

People can’t achieve enlightenment by learning in just one way. Different kinds of education are required for different kinds of knowledge.   

Let’s strive to become learned as this bracket is shrinking at faster rate which is not a good sign for humanity. Also there is less competition in this aspect of life.

Satender Kumar Mall
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