Tuesday, 16 February 2016

What you gained and lose – by taking a risk.

Risk scares as well as provide courage!

Do you agree?      Well take your time to access & conclude.

Broadly speaking risk are usually taken by two kind of people, One who has nothing to lose and other who has got enough resources to cover the loss.
So what is the risk taking capacity of third kind of people who has got something to defend but not enough to fully let go?

Risk is like double-edge sword it cuts both way to land you on your target quickly but sometime if taken without proper pit-fall analysis it also end up causing enough damage which takes its own time to heal for fresh start.

It is worth taking a risk at least once in life: If you get it right you lead else you can guide

Taking risk aids your portfolios but remember don’t take risk just to accumulate in your portfolios.
Vital points before you start reading inspirational quotes about risk.
  • ·        Ensure or make effort to reduce your risk impact limited to you, It should not be passed on to your loved ones.
  • ·     Taking risk should not be substitute to your normal duties in life towards your friends and family.
  • ·        It’s only your family who will dare to support you in consequences of risk so do listen to them and re certify your plan with them.


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