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Conversion & Re-Conversion

Freedom of religion in India is a fundamental right guaranteed by the country's constitution. Modern India came into existence in 1947 as a secular nation and the Indian constitution's preamble states that India is a secular state. Freedom of religion is established in tradition as Hinduism does not recognize labels of distinct religions and has no concept of blasphemy or heresy. Every citizen of India has a right to practice and promote their religion peacefully.

To be specific

Question that bound to strike you is if everything is clear then why Indian media going crazy about conversion and reconversion. “Media in India is trying to be courts and have shed the essence of journalism few decade ago” SURPRISE!!! Well to some extent you already know and if you happen to watch news quality and debate topic day in –day out, you will be able to figure out quite quickly. If you happen to be in social media especially twitter, it will be like cutting butter to come to a conclusion.

However coming to our topic, I will be discussing the real facts about this craziness in India. One of the facts that boil this issue is unending desire of Christianity and Islam for their inorganic growth.  Before going forward will urge reader to understand purely from angle of getting to the root of the issue instead of taking this as criticism of one religion or the other. India has been the land which has given birth to numerous religions as well as provided platform to thrive. Many think India is secular because Hindu is in majority. To some extent I do agree by simply piping to my neighbouring countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh and China etc. Majority religion has increased whereas minorities has been considerably decreased or it will not be wrong if one say extinct.  

Being a convent educated and have travelled across India, I can conclude that conversion is not a problem in itself but means with which is done is real problem. Numerous evangelist and Christian organisation lured tribal’ s  to convert by promising them jobs, medical/financial help (When in needs). It has worked in their goal to large extent but again Jesus can provide hope and evangelist also has limit of their resources to fulfil the promise made while conversion. When people converted purely to avail promised services and did not find one, take rescue back to their original fold hence reconversation. Now you must be thinking it all looks simple & fair to some extent then where is the problem?

The problem starts when media acts like housefly (transporter of dirt) and It starts planting stories only when reconversion happens and gives total miss to initial conversion and its malpractice. Politically and even from the media's side, there is a selectiveness over conversion cases. This to some extent incites communal tension in society and reaction you must have well experienced. MediaCrooks has rightly put it “Tolerance is a one-way street in India. The Hindus are expected to tolerate the nonsense from the speakers and acts of members of certain imported religions.” (Also read Conversions -At Their Wits End by MediaCrooks)

Role of Indian Government
Indian government is bound by constitution of India which clearly gives freedom of religion. It cannot do much in absence of law. Victim of conversion/re-conversion does not know under which law to files a complaint (Article 25). Current government has asked all parties to provide consent to create a law but this is would shut shop of many so called pseudo-secular parties which thrive on this issue. For now this is distant dream. Unless it is a serious criminal case, conversion cases should be left alone. Just like people shift political parties for money, grants and position, they will do the same for religion.

Look carefully the malicious means used by many Christian missionary to expand Christianity through inorganic model. Some of them can be termed as mare fraud. You must have got good idea after reading mediaCrooks article with proof. As we know too much of inorganic expansion kills the basic instinct purpose. They have replicated Jesus to alike of Hindu Gods to cheat people. I sometime wonder what western world (who to some extent are born Christian) reaction would be by seeing Jesus re-conversion? 

Jesus as Buddha

Jesus as Brahama

Total deception

Jesus as Krishna-Arjuna

White dress changed to Hindu Saffron clan

Shiv ling in Church
Jesus like Lord Vishnu

Apart from the above conversion and re-conversion's biased, trick, cheat, force etc. cartoon has its own flavor to express its way about what common people think about it. Have a look...

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