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WebMethods -3 : Tough Questions & Answers

 ·         Where is document routed when broker is not available?
ü         OUTBOUND document store.

·         Name different storage type of publishable document?
ü       Guaranteed and volatile.

·         What is difference between storage type guaranteed and volatile?
ü       This storage type helps Broker, how to store a doc. Guaranteed: It is stored on disk and also on             memory. Volatile: The broker stores the document in memory only.

·         How do broker routs the document to subscriber?
ü       If the document was published as broadcast, The broker identifies subscriber and places a copy of        the doc in the client queue for each subscriber. If the doc was delivered, the broker places the              document in the queue for client specified in the delivery request.

·         Name the element in Webmethods that actually supervises the document transfer between IS and        Broker?
ü      Dispatcher.

·         What happen if no subscriber type is specified in document?
ü       The Broker returns the acknowledgement (ACK) to the publisher and then discard the document          or in case of dead letter subscription, the broker deposit the doc in queue containing dead letter            subs..

·         What is abbreviation of ERP, SAP, CRM, XML, EDI, CAF, ESB and SOA?
ü        ERP: Enterprise Resource planning; SAP: Systems application & products; CRM: Customer                relationship management;  XML: Extended markup language; CAF: Composite application                framework; ESB: Enterprise service bus; SOA: Service oriented language;

·         What is Web-service connector?
ü       It invoked web services located on remote server. It sends HTTP or HTTPS to the Webmethods          IS that invoke a call to the web-service. The IS hosts packages that contains web-service and              related files, authenticates clients and verifies that they are authorizes to executes the requested            services.

·         Name the command that invokes service in a Java service and in which package does it resides?
ü      Services.doInvoke() methods used for calling in Java services. It resides in                                   com.wm.app.b2b.server.

·         During implementation of “Exactly Once” properties in trigger, what are the three elements helps        in resolving document status.
ü      1. Redelivery count; 2. Document History DB; 3. Document resolver service.

·         What is the three status of duplicate detection in trigger for document status.

·         What is adapter notification?
ü        It enables an adapter to receive event data from the adapter resources. It is of two types: Polling          notification & Listener notification.

·         What do you mean by adapter service?
ü        It connects to adapter resources and initiates an operation on the resources.

·         What is default HTTP of Webmethods server listener port?
ü        5555

·         What are flow steps available in ESB and describe any two?
ü         Invoke, Map, Branch, Sequence, Loop, EXIT, Repeat and pipeline.
Branch: This step allows you to conditionally execute a step based on value of the variable at time.
                Branch on switch value: Use variable to determine which step to be executed.
                Branch on an expression: In this case evaluate label property of branch should be set as “true”.

Sequence: This is used to build a set of steps that you want to treat as a group. Step in-groups are executed in order, one after another.  Except the steps under branch condition. It is useful - To group a set of steps as a single alternative beneath a Branch step; To specify the condition under which the service will exit a sequence of steps without executing the entire set.

·         What is CentraSite?
ü       It is kind of repository which facilitates create, browse and manage information or artifacts in the        registry.

Note:- The above notes has been prepared based on my experience on the technology as well as various reference on internet. 

Thank You!
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