Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Blogging: who has initial advantage Boy or Girl

Blogging is just an example of several things where boys and girl have initial advantage of their own. I needed some medium to put my view through so choose blogging. Read few lines and later I will explain the context of this with the topic. When we happen to ask something from someone which has no material value then we find prompt answer as Yes, but in reality granter take more time in deciding to give this and most of the time end up not giving/keeping his word. Whereas if you ask something of material value than it became lot easier for granter to decide based on his/her reasoning/constraints and say Yes or no respectively. Now why we fail to give someone something which is of no material value to us? It does not have material value to you but it might means a lot for the seeker. Remember seeker was asking your time which only you can give and no replacement of any sort will help. Hence I can try and answer why most of the time granter fails because his judgment is based on importance. He value to other stuff in life more than the aspirant. Of course there can be several reasons in against and for. But the reason provided above about importance qualifies to be considered valid.  This is also ideal scenario where you can as well reconfigure your importance list. Bear in mind you cannot ask someone of fishery department to help you in civil engineering design but when your help is regarding the use of common sense then expertise does not matter. Common sense is something beyond expertise and everyone has it. Hence everyone can spare some time for you.
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With context to blogging I believe girls have the initial advantage in terms of getting readers or fan following. Now please don’t say that you believe in equality and opportunity is something we get by hard work etc. As the message as well as context is entirely different here. In fact girls have initial advantage in this internet world. If you still don’t believe me then try putting your snap and ask your girlfriend to post her snap in social networking site and openly ask for people to like. I am sure even your friend will miss an opportunity to hit like on your snap but on other hand you will find the like numbers have swollen from unknown faces as well. Never try this as open challenge as you get just one chance to spoil your reputation so keep it for better time. This is purely my wisdom to suggest you since even me have never tired this and will not dare to do in life.

Let’s look from Indian point of view, now in India we do not have any legal/proper dating sites except matrimonial ones which is primarily visited by groom/bride family members. So imagine a girl writing a blog and she happen to write on different forms of marriage and at the end she just put a sentence that her family is also looking for someone to arrange her marriage. What you will see next day? Any imagination will be helpful? The comment section will be over poured with lot of messages of concern, love, even proposals as well as good/bad comments on different forms of marriage. She does not have to look for reader to grab attention. No jealousy but that’s the beauty of being a girl so her advantage is well justified. So boy now do you agree or not? If still you have faith in your capability just think if she happens to post her beautiful snap and write on topic Solitude. I am well convinced that she will get more comments and hit than what I have got on my blog 4 i.e. Solitude A social pain. Don’t smile I know you have conceded defeat and you in agreement. Well done!

What I wanted to convey was that always support your known once by sparing some time however busy you are, when he/she is starting/daring to discover new thing. As it does not cost you anything but helped the darer a lot. It also gives a sense of feeling that they have right circle around them. If you fail than the importance list which I had disused in the beginning get reconfigured and you are downgraded. It takes a lot of time to be someone’s favourite then you consider someone as your favourite. I have come across this situation many times as I always like to give a try in life. I appreciate the joke/fun/feedback I get when I approach someone to validate on my new venture as more they laugh more determination I get to do it perfectly. This is my 10th blog but I remember when I used to approach people to spare time to read my blogs and everyone used to say yes but only those who really cared managed to write few lines or at least read the blog. Writing is not an individual task it is treated complete only when the reader reads it and writes whatever critique they like. I have got good number of regular readers and this helped me to reconfigure my importance list as well.

Thank You!
Satender Kumar Mall
Twitter: satenderiiit