Thursday, 7 February 2013

Recession: On Funny Note!

Recession: a word which youth loves to hate. By this blog I wanted to share few common experiences which were funny aspect of recession. Today 7th Feb 2013, I formally got my MBA degree from Cardiff University as a part of my planned goal in life. Now this not funny it was my hard work. I remember one joke on MBA that’s goes like this ‘there was one sandwich seller whose business was doing so well that he managed to get his son complete his MBA from America. As a recession gift his son lost his job and came to assist his father’s work as an alternative until he find new job. He advices his father to cut cost so he should restrict to minimum to use of sauces as it is recession, he reduced vegetable quantity from sandwich indicating recession and in due course of time his father business decline and virtually got shut down due to downgrade of sandwich quality. It was not because his son was MBA but his son’s over response to a calamity called recession.

Waiting to be called...
Myself at Graduation ceremony on 7th Feb 2013 at City Hall Cardiff UK

When I was in Bangalore from 2008 to Feb 2010, we managed to hold our house rent increase citing recession as main reason to our landlord. Except workload and worry of losing job every other thing was in diminishing mode. If you happen to speak to someone those days to weigh their point of view they make use of word recession multiple times in normal communication. College fresher’s had got better reason to explain their placement pitfalls. Lots of cost cutting measures were on peak in almost every field, of course except our political class. They gifted us best of scams during recession or near around period such as 2G spectrum, Common wealth Games scam, inflation etc. I am sure we all Indian are well aware of lot more. But the question is will we go for change in 2014?

We know that ‘picture tell it all’; so I am sharing some snaps collected from various internet sources to add humour to your reading, I swear they are not my inventions at all. I can just hope if they were mine.

Impact on Currency itself, which impacts world's economy.

Heath care impact: Doctor advice to beat recession sting

Not sure who has NO money, Is it Bank or myself.

Recession impact on Bollywood

HOPE : 5 year later, we still end up with hope that ‘the end is in sight’
Let’s not forget about few things which were boon due to recession; No more bank salesman offering credit cards at company door; Most people have released that there is no shortcut to double your money via bank derivatives (one of the main causes of recession); Price check on land/ property prices to some extent (I know many might not agree to it including me); belief on skill set and last but not the least everyone released law of vital few i.e. one MBA jargon of Pareto principle ‘20% of people adds 80% of the value’. Don’t smile I am sure you fall under 20% category.

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