Thursday, 24 January 2013

Solitude : A social pain!

Solitude most commonly termed as loneliness in our day to day vocabulary medium. A day can be termed as well spent if one has not experienced even a pinch of seclusion. Solitude is not a pain in itself but the form in which we receive makes the difference. If we define solitude in its best form then it is a state in which one is happy without being in company of any one. Solitude is best form of freedom one can ever achieve. But one should not strive to attain solitude for longer duration as there is high risk of solitude concept getting blurred to loneliness, hence the pain begins.
The most terrible poverty is loneliness, and the feeling of being unloved. -Mother Theresa

We are living in universe of multi-billion people, ideally with this fact thought of being loneliness should never get invoke in our minds. But we are experiencing just the opposite. In today’s world millions lives in loneliness or ultimately give up as they could not cope with it. Let’s try and find out what form this loneliness exists and how one gets into this marshy land. Is there any self-mechanisms exists to get out of it? To try and name few forms of loneliness caused due to extreme emotional stimulation; social segregations; too fast rise in status via inappropriate means; and most common is due to character swap. These causes are the creation of loneliness wall which builds around you in place of bridge which symbolizes togetherness. Obviously there are many more form/reasons you have in your minds which I would love to see in comments section if you happen to read this blog. Among the mentioned few origins most common according to me is character and status reversal. We also cannot deny that the lifestyle we are striving for is also a silent contributor to loneliness. From India point of view, we are rapidly moving toward nuclear family system unlike previous joint family system. Even though this remodelling is reasonable with valid/justified reasons such as economic or behavioural/attitude changes to glorify this diversification. But a fact is that human being is getting physically and mentally isolated from their loved ones with the passage of time. Now this separation can be termed as temporary by inference with availability of all other modern communication technology means to keep in touch and feel like home though not physically available. I am in no sense justifying that current is not good compare to later but to do justice with the topic I need to bring all possible contributor of loneliness.

All forms of lifestyle are good and valuable when in good time. But emptiness becomes our unwanted guest in bad times. That’s where we start feeling the needs for our relations, friends and loved ones. The hurried expansion of concrete jungle is sign of our development but the way it is happening or should be happening is something to worry about.  We have to brood over the by-products it is generating such as sense of individualistic, solitude in multitude, we know thousands of people across the world by internet but unaware of our neighbour, we reserve our courage to stop nonsense happening at street but actively gather for candle march. Honour for wealthier one who has zero character value but no time for watching street plays message. Concrete jungle is full with ideas of generating wealth but none to suggest what’s the right path is. All the above expositions clearly suggest that self-mechanism is missing to get out of loneliness.

Human is social animal and it needs another human to help him/her look beyond its minds. When one grow high in status due to unsocial means always end up in emptiness in due course of time. Climbing high should not be your destination but it should be just one of the goals because if you become too ambitious then there will be no one among your loved ones except clam loneliness to appreciate you for getting there. Read about famous ‘mayonnaise jar and 2 cups of coffee’ tale. And Pay attention to the things that are critical to your happiness.

We can best avoid loneliness by being in company/close to of our loved ones as they will never let you fall prey of malpractice and thought of your love toward them will keep you safe from misbehaviour/misdeed. Hence you would have firm control on character and status rise. Thus end up spending life as well spent life along with pleasure available in this universe.

Thank You!
Satender Kumar Mall
Twitter: satenderiiit