Friday, 18 January 2013

Failure : What is it!

Dictionary meaning of failure are ‘someone’s failure to do something’ or ‘facts of someone not having done something’. It is also termed as unsuccessful. For all of us failure is nothing new. Large section of people sees failure as something bad. We have one life to shine/achieve/attempt/fall/rise in our dream goals. We cannot consider ourselves incapable but surely we can anticipate on our unsuccessful attempt and re-frame the path or the goal to dilute the pain of repeat failure. Top of this we should also learn from other mistakes.

Pass/fail and success/unsuccessful are different names of result one get for his attempt. All of us know that result is something which is not in our hand/control. Then why these people who dare to attempt are more criticised compare to those who have never made attempt. Let’s find out who consider himself/herself so symbolic to criticise the darer’s lot. Where do they exist? Answer is simple these symbolic people exists in our society, it is between one of us. It may be within us as well to some context. I am saying so because if we blame society then we need to ponder what does society comprises of? Therefore we will finally zero down to ourselves. The ghost who hunts down people with failure lies within us. So the change should start from us. In coming days we will be representing the society which always get blame for hardening its stand on failed endeavour. Constructive criticism is beneficial as it helps in improvement but an allegation in criticism is not healthy.  

The great achievers such as Gautam Buddha (spiritual teacher), Thomas Alva Edison (an American inventor and businessman), Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata (an Indian industrialist), Dhyan Chand (The Wizard of Hockey), William Shakespeare (an English poet and playwright), Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel (Indian Politician, Iron Man of India), and Steve Jobs (Founder, Apple) to name few are inspiration to many. One thing what is common among them according to me is that surely they would not have cared for society allegations when they went ahead to achieve the unachievable in their life. Also they were a common man like one of us. I am sure readers have lot of different view/comment/prospective on this topic so I personally request if you happen to read this blog put your point of view in comments section so that this topic can touch its completion. The new reader will surely get more insight then I am currently with.

It is not easy to bring change in society to soften its destructive criticism but a change in each individual can help thoroughly rub the strident rock. Everyone praises the achiever and of course I agree that they are meant to be honoured for their achievements but we cannot be miser in use of our vocabulary for those who resolute. Let’s see from another angle from gain/loss which is easy to understand in this era, about the gain we have by shedding our mentality of viewing attempter as loser. First and foremost gain is that our society will be enriched from positive thinker who believes in trying/doing new things. Fresh air of motivation will be pumped in this era of competition. We will have no loser. We will be helping humanity who has lost hope of trying due to intense fear of result and its aftermath mental consequence. It is human nature who has transformed our society of wisdom to society of competitions/innovations and finally to society of wealth generators. So we the youth of 21st century can take lead to transform our society to society of enthusiasm. I welcome you all to suggest better name of society in comments section. At present I can think of enthusiasm because it will lead to equal opportunity and a step towards equality which is largely missing in this wealth generator society.
To end my note I would like to quote Edison view on failure I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work. Thomas A. Edison. Surely this line will keep inspiring us to TRY.

 Thank You!
Satender Kumar Mall
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