Sunday, 12 October 2014

31% Syndrome

The topic of this blog is mainly addressed to Indians or someone who is interested in India’s politics for some reason or the other. After reading this blog you will be able to figure there are still few classified Indians who have not been able to come to terms with reality that Mr Narendra Modi is Prime Minister of India. This topic name is not coined by me but few biased journalists who started using it right from 16th may 2014 when their all self-proclaimed status and theories comes down tumbling. All their decade long paid news and propaganda was literally demolished by general public.

To understand why few champions of secular propaganda (which they had been using for their own benefits as victim-hood) suddenly started talking about 31% syndrome.

Few points to make your mind tickle in same direction where I am trying to concentrate toward:-
* Have you heard in past from news traders how much vote percentage did Mr Deva Gowda/Indra Kumar Gujral had got to become PM?
*   Let’s comes to 2004/2009 election, how much vote percentage did Congress got to form UPA and rule India for a decade?

Let’s ask few questions to those propaganda groups as well:-

Ø    Why this Vote percentage query when Indian constitution clearly states for majority party need 272 not certain amount of vote percentage?
Ø    Where is tolerance factor, when someone (social media) questions MSM credibility about news you manufacture?

When we start pondering about above queries, we will be able to visualize that there are handful of news traders who are spoiling the fourth pillar our democracy. The citizen at social media has clearly played important role in exposing news traders as well as devoted huge amount of time & energy in educating young aspirant youth about difference between NEWS and bogus opinion presented as NEWS.

Our PM has successfully broken the media & politician power broking nexus in New Delhi which has forced fourth pillar to get strengthen and go back to honest reporting. That’s why this 31% syndrome kolavari. No other PM in past had ever tried to overhaul this system which was rotting on each passing day.

If you are interested you can also refer below link and get smart enough to identify NEWS which matters.

Why few in Indian media too hostile:-

Thank You!
Satender Kumar Mall
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