Sunday, 2 June 2013

Smile : It cost you nothing!!

Smile is only curve which makes many thing straight. Even if you pretend to smile your mind will glow. Anatomically smile is less energy consuming as it just needs 17 muscles compare to frown which required 36. One can win more friends via smile. In our daily life though we appreciate smile more than frown but when it comes to implementation we tends to take longer time to smile than to frown. Smile is sign of appreciation and grace. The meaning of smile is interpreted with situation and place. Now this is not a plain statement. I will take you through some example of our day to day life.
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Situation: college days; Place: college
If a girl sees a boy and happen to smile then full day boy's mind will be occupied by the thoughts such as does she knows me? Am I funny? She has crush on me or was my dress all right? If nothing then has she passed smile to me or to the guys behind me etc.

Situation: school days; Place: School
If a girl happen to smile at a boy then he thought process will be fighting to reasons such as maybe she has got better grade than me or due may be I failed this time? Or she came to know about the matter we were discussing in groups about her last day.

Situation: Visit to see a girl for marriage (Indian custom); Place: Girl house
If girl smile by mistake or due to courtesy then boy thinks she has given her agreement for the marriage. In few cases if girl happen to smile continually then it creates various doubts in mind of boy such as does she really like me or she is making fun? Does she have any other boy in life? If both boy and girl happen to get a chance to talk for few minutes alone and both happen to smile usually means they both are happy to get marriage. If one is tense usually the girl and boy smile then girl has told the truth that she has another boy in life and she is not happy to get married to anyone else. Now she is tensed about whether boy will tell the same script agreed in our meeting or he will reveal the truth to our parents meeting. Now you know what the script is.

Situation: Teacher about to announce grades; Place: classroom
If teacher is smiling more than her usual then students have no choice other than to think they all have been screwed. Wow this was simple isn’t it?

Situation: Student during exam times; Place: Exam hall
If someone is looking around and smiling means he/she needs answer to pass. So please help him/her at the very next opportunity.

Situation: You are alone; Place: anywhere
If a group of people coming your way smiling then please do not wait to get puzzle in thoughts simply run and escape. Hope you all know what I meant.

Situation: Trying your hand on cooking; Place: home
After tasting your food if no one is smiling then please immediately order pizza. And engage the group for 30 minutes with some best of activities you know till date.

So we all know that smile conveys many things at one go which we will never be able to express in words. So keep smiling and make life full of spice. 

 The world is like a mirror; frown at it, and it frowns at you. Smile and it smiles, too” by Herbert Samuels.

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Satender Kumar Mall
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